Boys Over Flowers – 2009

17 07 2011

So what is the appeal? What made millions of us fly into a tizzy over this series? I am in the process of re-watching it and I can honestly say that it still remains a mystery. Yet I am still drawn to it and continue to wish for things about the series because you do become so invested in the characters. Lee Min Ho just draws you in, but after 3 episodes I know he hasn’t even really begun to work his magic.

I asked a friend of mine to watch it as well, so she just started and I am hoping her objective opinion will give me some new insights into this crazy crack addiction we call BOF.

Episode 4…. Now we are getting somewhere.  They say goodbye to Ji Hoo, but we get to say hello to some quality time with Jun Pyo.  WooHoooo!  Just minutes into the episode he does the beloved scene of leaning toward Jan Di at the car and telling her some unheard statement.  Oh to know what he said!! Love this and basically my feeling is that if you make it to this point in the series, buckle your seat belt because you won’t be able to stop now.

As we leave episode 4 how could it get better, oh yes, how about a romantic “save me” moment to start ep 5 followed by a scenario all women dream of… being taken first on a shopping spree than a private jet whisks you and your best friend away to a beautiful paradise.  We won’t mention the weird choice of clothing for both Joon Pyo or Jan Di… ha.

While in Caledonia we get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and I love the tension that builds between the characters.  Let’s try and erase the image of the volleyball scene.  Not only are the outfits beyond bad, but clearly this wasn’t any of the boys better sports.

Oh the betrayal – how could Jan Di or Ji Hoo do that to Jun Pyo?  I was ready to throttle them both into the ocean.

Ji Hoo and Jan Di date…. I love the expression on Hyun Joong’s face when he gets dissed on his kiss attempt.  Perfect.  Ha.

By episode 7 things are finally all working out and then Jan Di starts avoiding Jun Pyo… why?

In episode 9 we finally get the kiss we have been waiting for… Jan Di finally doesn’t turn away.  Geesh about time.

The best kiss of the entire series comes in ep 10 in the street.  I love Lee Min Ho’s walk.  Makes me want to rip off his coat.

Then we get to the modeling stuff… ugh!  I wish they would have skipped this, but whatever…

Basically, you really get caught up, but things start to unravel to some extent in the second half of the series.  Though I continued the addiction in full force, I wished for more with every episode.

And here is the biggest gripe, I hate the ending.  why… why…why… they could have just had her and him have one happy moment in the end to finish a beautiful story, but no… she slowly creeps to him on the beach.  This ridiculously handsome, wealthy man that has been waiting 4 yrs comes with ring in hand and you just smirk.  Ugh!! why couldn’t they have given me something, anything, but no.  Just this stupid scene.

Anyway, overall this is an addictive series and the best of the Jap, Taiwanese or Korean versions… I have seen both Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden.  Each series has its strengths.  BOF has the best male lead though HYD’s Matsumoto would be a close second, he has that same odd appeal.  My favorite female lead goes to HYD, Makino is my favorite female lead of the three by far.  She is totally adorable and by far the least annoying.  Even Meteor Garden has some fun features and I the best theme song, but of the three it gets the most slow and is more outdated.

As one of the first series I watched it definitely solidified my love of k-dramas ad despite quite a few missteps it still sits relatively high on my favorite Kdramas of all time list.

Playful Kiss 2010

24 11 2010

Playful Kiss is a remake or based on a previous Japanese version called Itazura na Kiss (1996) and was preceded by It Started with a Kiss which was the Taiwanese version (2005).  The Korean version stars Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 & BOF) and Jung So Min.

So I will confess that I couldn’t help but have a “thing” for Kim Hyun Joong after BOF.  I have to make excuses so here goes… BOF was one of the first k-dramas I watched and so I guess I was just surprised to see such a good looking cast.  We all know it wasn’t like an amazing drama or great acting, but I was the typical addict.   I laughed when I saw the first F4 scene, who are these silly looking boys, but then it happened that magical draw I still can’t explain.  Kim Hyun Joong, was so wooden in that role, but irresistably cute that I guess most people either loved him or hated him.  After BOF I saw Hyun Joong in We Got Married (some of the episodes) and various interviews, commercials and SS501 stuff and he is a really interesting personality.  After the BOF success I didn’t like that he seemed a little too overexposed and a bit full of himself, so I was ready to be critical of him in this role.  That being said, despite a wooden performance and a lot of one note – I still liked him (darn it!) and really liked that he seemed more comfortable with the romantic lead stuff (minus the honeymoon scene).  What is it about Hyun Joong that pulls you in?? argh!!!

Okay, beyond that, what really saved this series for me was Jung So Min and many of the supporting cast.  Jung So Min was so cute and engaging and lovable even when I thought her character was being stupid I was still pulling for her.  I just liked her and her acting helped Kim Hyun Joong as well.

Lee Si Young, who was the friend that was obsessed with Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers is the 2nd girl in this series and she was hard to recognize because she is much thinner.  I just want to add here that she may be a lot thinner, but I think it took something away from her, she was less attractive here than in BOF.  She was a good 2nd girl though and I liked that her ending was a happy one.

The 2nd man was Joon Gu played by Lee Tae Sung and he is awfully cute.  I didn’t love who they matched him with in the end, but he was great as the 2nd man and I can’t wait to see him in a different role.

And could the mom be cuter?!?! She was awesome! Love her and she’s gorgeous.

I have read criticism for the teddy bear scenes (being similar to Goong), but I think if they work than they can become a trademark for that writing team or director or whomever is responsible.  I liked it and it didn’t bother me at all that it had been done before, still cute.

By episode 12 I am tired of the dick act from Baek Seung Jo.  Where did the spark go?   Though I know no one in their right mind would -you could almost skip ep 7-12… Then things get back on track…

The honeymoon… – seriously-… I don’t care how much you have had to drink nor if the neighbors are over late, aren’t you going to get things “done” if you are newly married.  Whatever… when they finally make it to the bed… hmmm.  My feeling is it could have been hotter.  The matching jammies though cute, were a damper to the hot aspect and though the other kisses were totally hot and made Hyun Joong look like he knows what he is doing, the actual bed scene was weak, maybe it was the way they shot it but I loved his line, “I can’t wait any longer” but I just didn’t feel the heat… The rain scene was so good that I’ll let this slide though.

Two final notes… Regarding the hair… Kim Hyun Joong, started out straight – for me this was a nod to the BOF’s look, then went curly, cute but a bit too curly for me… maybe if he was a run your hands through your hair kind of guy I would like it better… but in the end was the best, he wore it in between, straight but not as perfect.  And finally, if you really liked the series or either of the leads YouTube has additional short episodes on line.  They are cute and give a slightly warmer side to the dick that is Baek Sung Jo.

Overall Grade B+ – wasn’t a deep story with many layers, but I like that it was just about this couple getting together and wasn’t distracted by too much other plot.

Lee Seung Gi’s Ideal woman

28 05 2010

Here is the link to a blog with vids of Lee Seung Gi on a variety show choosing his ideal woman and it has eng subs.  So cute!  Enjoy…

I added a vid of Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum leg wrestling.  Please feel free to view at interesting info… By the way, they are both contenders for the Sexiest Actor in the poll as well.  Please vote at

You’re Beautiful Episode 11 plus grocery store clip, no eng sub

27 05 2010

Episode 11 – Just two comments on this episode… Love how Tae Kyung picks up his jacket after unsticking Go Mi Nam’s fingers, very stylish.  I also loved to see Shin Woo stepping it up – about time he really went after the girl he wants.

Previously I had a  clip from the super market scene that was not in the U.S. version I saw.  Sorry it is no longer available… I hate that we can’t always tell if it has been modified/edited from the original… what’s up with that??

I found a version of the grocery store scene, but no eng sub

Please let me know if you find the clip or if you find a dead link on my site.  Thank you!!

You’re Beautiful Episode 10 plus info for T.O.P & Kim Hyun Joong video

26 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 10 – Things are really starting to heat up.  The one comment I really want to make, is I love male bravado done right and Jang Geun Suk really turns in a great performance, he keeps getting stronger as the series goes on and we see the deeper layers of TaeKyung.

Here’s a fun vid on Park Shin Hye… enjoy!

I am continuing to learn how to make my content richer, etc.  I have started a new page for videos, music, etc. anything that I want to share.

Please stop by… through the bottom of the page go to Interesting Info .

I currently have a video of T.O.P. and Kim Hyun Joong,

.  They are both really great in it, but when T.O.P. starts rapping, he just blows everything else away.  By the way, they are both contenders for the Sexiest Actor in the poll as well.  Please vote at

You’re Beautiful Ep 3 & 4

24 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued….

Episode 3 & 4 –

So I just finished the first 4 episodes of You’re Beautiful… Wow, after the first 2, I wanted to watch the rest of the series immediately.

BTW, loved Tae Kyung’s hair for the concert.  This is definitely something not many American men can get away with, but here’s to hoping that part of Hallyu comes our way.

Below is a behind the scenes making of a commercial with Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye.  Just for fun…

Vote for your favorite actor at the poll…

Also for Kim Hyun Joong fans, in the Interesting Info page is a vid with him and T.O.P. performing live.  His hair looks great, please check it out!