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Just love Big Bang

4.1.2011 So I am relatively new to the k pop music scene, but there are several groups that I just love, am practically obsessed with.  The first being, of course, Big Bang.  What’s not to love about Big Bang.  Yes – they can be overly commercialized and a little to boy band, but really each of them are so individually talented it is hard for me to be too critical.  Honestly if I had to pick one to go live on an island with I would have a tough choice.


Okay that’s a lie, I would go with GD, but there could be an argument for each of them.  TOP is so manly, hot and would probably be more fun.  Tae Yang, uuummm, I mean what can I say.  He’s just smokin hot, an awesome dancer, awesome voice, overall awesomeness.  Seungri is the cute baby, he’s charming and certainly knows how to plant a hot kiss.  DaeSung – I just love him, if you haven’t seen him on Family Outing, check it out, I could just take him home and keep him forever and he arguably has the best voice of them all.


I am more recently getting to know DBSK or TVXQ or now the offshoot of JYJ.  I really like them, of course, I loved Mirotic.  That song is just too danceble to not love, makes me want to get up and join a dance class.  I think there are 2 standout dancers in the group Yunho and Junsu, but I personally have a thing for Junsu, he is a natural and when he dances I just can’t help but love that raw talent.  Yunho is no doubt good, but I think he is more of a technician.  I also think that Junsu and Mickey have great voices… but of course no discussion on DBSK is complete without mentioning Hero Jae Joong.  I just saw him in Postman to Heaven and he is as dreamy of an actor as he was as a singer, actually more so.  I’m sure there is something seriously wrong with this man because he’s just too cute to be alive but I can’t wait for more of him.


Oh, gosh, I love this girl group.  They are the female equivalent to Big Bang.  Though I am just starting to get into them, they are obviously talented and a force that we may see here stateside very soon.  In many ways I think they have more of a shot in the US than the Wonder Girls because the hip hop thing will give them greater chance.

Epik High

Love their song Girl… actually it just is kind of a cheap rip off of much that Usher/Neyo etc. do, but for whatever reason I just love that Koreans can sing like that.

Anyway, I plan to update this as I go and please feel free to leave any comments below.  Enjoy the vids, these are some of my favorites.

love this….

I LOVE Big Bang, Here’s TOP’s Latest music video… enjoy!  The smile/eyebrow thing at the end is just too cute.

Taeyang – I need a girl, with yummy G Dragon.

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23 04 2011

here’s an awesome dance single by taeyang

there’s an english version up, too! 🙂

29 04 2011

THank you so much Rosemary. I love Taeyang – so hot, a beyond amazing dancer (maybe my favorite kdancer because he has his own style), and do we even have to mention a body that won’t quit… by far the best body of Big Bang. Thanks for the comment and clip!

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