Personal Taste – Episode 11 & Almost kiss clip

15 06 2010

Episode 11 –

As to the opening scene… umm Lee Min Ho. Yum, yum! I love the expression of Chang Ryul and In Hee, so funny. In Hee brings up an interesting point – Is stepping back gracefully love or does love mean holding on.  I guess it depends on the situation, but how are you to know which is the right thing to do?  I also thought it was clever when Jin Ho explained that he held back because Gae In might really have feelings for Chang Ryul (nobody wants to risk being the only one at the party).

Sang-jun and Young-sun are so cute, I just laugh whenever Sang Jun is on screen.  As a side note, I just started watching an older Hong Sister’s series called My Girl and Ahn Suk Hwan who plays Han Yoon Sub (Chang Ryul’s dad) is in a much different role, after seeing him as the swarmy dad here in Personal Taste, it was weird to see him in My Girl as a kind of a sexy older guy type thing. He’s a really good slime ball and his evil laugh is just too good.  I’m sure you all noticed his assistant (sorry I don’t know his name) is the photographer from You’re Beautiful.

Here’s the almost kiss, no eng subs, but who needs subs with chemistry like that… enjoy!

Personal Taste – Episode 9 & 10 plus Kiss Vid

12 06 2010

Episode 9 & 10 – No comments on episode 9 –  good episode, advanced the story.  Ep 10 had the really cute walking in the rain scene and I love when they get back to the house and are both apologizing and Jin Ho says to Gai In, “You cook” and she looks up and says very sultry, “You know I can’t cook”.  There was something so real in that moment, just loved it.

Later in the episode Jin Ho tells Gai In that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore, similar to what he had said to his ex-girlfriend (forgot her name, but played by Yoon Eun Hye).  Again this is the stuff I love about this series, the subtle nuances that show such good writing.

Here’s the clip of the kiss in Ep 10… Enjoy!

Lee Min Ho is just so yummy!

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