Bad Couple 2007- kdrama starring Shin Eun Gyung & Ryu Soo Young

18 08 2010

Bad Couple –

So I started this series on a recommendation, but I didn’t really like the first few episodes.  I didn’t really like either of the leads (Shin Eun Gyung and Ryu Soo Young)  and the supporting cast was okay, but nothing special.  It picked up about ep 6 with one of the other couples, that interested me for awhile, but overall I can’t recommend this series.  I was bored quite a bit throughout and for awhile, just watched to see what happened to the Doc, his mistress and his wife.  But unfortunately even that story line fizzled after a short while.  Dang Ja or Shin Eun Gyung did grow on me, but it just moved too slow.  The one thing that was really great was the ending, I really liked that they gave us a window into several years later.  Really nice wrap up.

Dislikes:  Predictable and slow.  The leads lacked chemistry, though they seemed comfortable with each other.  Nothing changed for Dang Ja, as far as her responsibilities as a first born wife, so I don’t really think she had the right to go back after Prof Choi.  If she was finally willing to give up her career for her baby and to give her baby a father and family than the series did a poor job or showing that.  I also wished for a more dynamic story with the Doc and his wife.  They could have gone lots of ways there, but it was very predictable and in the end really didn’t get love for many years.

Likes:  The traditional way of life shown by Prof Choi’s family.  The ending, enjoyed the fast forward to wrap up the series, felt very complete.

Grade: D+, didn’t fail in every way, but wasn’t much worth watching either.  So if you are interested in any of the cast, it wasn’t terrible, just nothing here worth really mentioning either and the pace was off.