Queen of Reversals 2010

16 03 2011

I made several entries as I watched this series; so here they are all together.  Definitely big, huge spoilers included so if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now.  

I just watched the first episode of the Queen of Reversals and I really liked it.  For a 1st episode it moved fast, drew me in and kept me interested.  Jung Jun Ho from IRIS was really cute, even though I liked him in Iris I wasn’t head over heels for him, but I liked him immediately in this series.  Kim Nam Joo the lead was interesting, I am totally intrigued by her nude color lipstick.  Looks great on her, makes me want to run out and buy a tube, but I doubt it would look good on me.  I have not seen Queen of Housewives, but will add to my list and have read that you don’t need to have seen it to enjoy this series.  Chae Jung Ahn from Coffee Prince was evil in the first episode and I already love seeing her out of the nicey nice role she played in Coffee Prince.  Though the first few episodes were hardly unpredictable and had many of the expected twists and turns… but what has made this special so far is that what can take another series a whole season takes place in an episode or two…so far I’m loving it.  About time we mention Park Shi Hoo!  I have seen him in Il Jimae and What Planet are you from.  He was a bit flat in both roles, but some excellent eye candy.  I am looking forward to seeing him in a meatier role and seeing if he has acting chops.

Okay, things slowed down for a bite, but are starting to heat back up by episode 7.  My next stop is episode 16 – okay…. so the dance routine by Park Shi Hoo, um can I just say omo…. I was equal parts embarrassed, laughing, and thoroughly attracted to him all in the same moment.  I’m still embarrassed thinking about it upon reflection now… I almost could have been okay, but the shirt rip at the end, almost did me in.. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  Maybe this is a lost in translation thing (and don’t get me wrong, he looked hot) but wow… I’m not sure that translated well, was it supposed to be funny?  Plus I can’t stop myself, of course, he looked like Rain and danced to Usher, so I’ve decided to call him Rusher… ha, ha, ha…

Kim Chang Wan, who plays the guy with cancer is awesome!! His performance was so touching and endearing.  He was also in Il Jimae and he is also in White Tower, which I am watching now.  Just love this guy, character actor and can completely change from role to role.

Okay, so not to be so brief on such a long series, but it was really good.  I loved all the main actors, loved the supporting actors, loved the villains, loved it!  The story was cohesive and didn’t trail too far off course – yes it had some slow points and meandered near the end for awhile, (you could tell the series went on extension) they were stretching for all they could and then the last episode seemed weirdly sped up.  They jump a year and plop the whole back story of that year on you in the first few minutes.   Plus I really thought that Tae Hee and Jun Soo were going to end up together.  Not that I didn’t want her with Yong Shik, I guess it isn’t often that you see a series in Korea or America where the initial couple seem like they are going to get back together for 30 episodes and then they don’t.  But I have to say it was refreshing to see the #2 guy actually get the girl.  I guess that expectation in the back of my head made it a little hard to really be happy for Tae Hee and Yong Shik in the end.  I needed more closure earlier for Tae Hee and Jun Soo; before the very last episode would have been nice.  I was fairly confused with the first few minutes of that last episode.  And Yeo Jin should have ended up with that cop, he was cute and he spoke such good english.  They could have introduced someone new for Jun Soo.   Whatever, it was fine, everyone was happy.  That being said and despite all the good things about it, it just fell a little flat for me.  Overall it was a great cast and a good story; started out stronger than it finished.  Grade – B+
P.S. I personally thought Park Shi Hoo was great as a lead.  Totally engaging, can’t really comment on his acting because he is so stinking cute who cares.  I would gladly sign up for another 31 episodes of him ;-O  and I also want to mention that Kim Nam Joo is one lucky girl, she is married to Kim Seung Woo, the hot guy who played the North Korean in IRIS… wow, they make a blistering couple.  Anyway, I also realized that I never posted my comments on IRIS, so I am pulling those out and trying to finish them up as well.

Iljimae – Kdrama 2008

31 07 2010

Just started Il Ji Mae and though I have read it has a slow start, I really liked the first episode.  Feels like a lot of set up, but I was intrigued by all the characters and can’t wait to see what happens!

Okay – a week later, I finished it and it was really good.  Lite on romance, heavy on action.  Lee Joon Ki was awesome!  Actually all of the cast was great!

This was the first historical series I have watched and though I was very hesitant (like you don’t know how much I really didn’t want to watch the historical stuff), I really liked it.  Maybe because I have watched so many relationship type series, but if was refreshing to have this be very light on romance and to just enjoy the story.  All the actors were great, especially Il Ja Mae’s fathers.  I also loved Ahn Kil Kang as Kong He (the monk­) he was so great, I just wanted to give him a big hug.  Il Ja Mae’s mother, Kim Sung Ryung  (adoptive mother) was played by the mom from You’re Beautiful and she is beautiful… seriously gorgeous even in this.

Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae was bland.  I liked her in Shining Inheritance and she is also in Dong Yi, which I just started, but she was just so so in this series – she never pulled me in to root for her, I actually rooted for Bong soon more because she was more engaging in comparison.

Park Shi Hoo played Shi Hoo (Il Ja Mae’s half brother) and I wish they would have developed the story between them more.  I also would have liked it if they would have come together more in the end, but it was okay.  Park Shi Hoo is so cute, he was the great eye candy in What Planet are You From? and I was glad to see him here, he just finished Prosecutor Princess, so I am looking forward to seeing him in that. 

I would recommend this series as long as you fall into one of 3 categories:

1.  If you aren’t a big romance fan or as a break from the romance type series

2.  If you are looking to start a series to enjoy with a guy, he would enjoy the action.

3.  Or if you are a fan of Lee Joon Ki, he was awesome.

Overall rating: B

Good series, but not particularly memorable

I have conquered my hesitancy over historical dramas and I just started Dong Yi, which has been great so far, but 50 episodes, wow… I’ve never committed to such a long series but I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.

What Planet Are You From? Episodes 7-16

13 06 2010

What Planet Are you From Continued…

Episode 7 & 8 –  I thought we were finally finished with the stupid Pippy Longstocking hair, but nope it has reared its ugly head again (pun intended).  They tricked me!  Argh!!! Now I want to watch the rest of the series, but I’m not sure I can make it with that stupid hair.  I am really enjoying the chemistry between the two leads…

Episode 9 & 10 – Ummmm I like Kim Rae Won’s style…such a good manly kiss.  Love how he grabs her face!  I found it so refreshing how they portrayed Hye Rim trying to keep herself from Seung Hui.  Great tension between them.  Going forward, I’m worried though for all the rest of the people involved, especially Jeong Hun.  He loved Hye Soo and lost her to Seung Hui and now he will also lose Hye Rim.  I just feel so bad for him.  Really it is the same situation with Mi Hyun, but they haven’t shown her as invested in Seung Hui before.

Episode 11 – The first think I want to mention is that the club where he sings to Bok Shil is the same one in Be Strong Geum Soon where Jae Hee sings for Geum Soon.  Funny to see recycled locations.  Though it has been awhile since I watch Geum Soon, I swear they are wearing the same headband as well.  Anyway, I just feel so much tension; they can’t even help but want to be together.  I don’t totally believe that Seung Hui doesn’t just want her because of the whole sister thing, but who could fully get over that type of tragic loss.  Who wouldn’t do anything to stay by this girl’s side?  But you can tell a storm is coming and the havoc they are going to wreck on everyone else’s life will be more than they realize.  I’m putting on my seat belt for fear of a bumpy ride ahead.

Ep 12 & 13

Best Scene!!  Seung Hui and Bok Shil running on the bridge at the end of the episode.  I loved it.  Of course the exhilaration is short lived and the situation slowly escalates up hill the remainder of the episode.  Quite a ride…  I absolutely still can’t stand the Bok Shil hair, but I give credit to Jung Ryeo Won for allowing herself to look so awful for a ton of the series.  She is such a pretty girl that it is refreshing to see the contrast between her as Bok Shil and her as Hye Soo in the 1st episode at the party.

Episode 14 – Wow, get out my box of tissues.  Makes me contemplate destiny.  Is there a destiny written for each one of us?  2 episodes to go… how is it going to end?

Episode 15 – Wow, lots of running and crying in this series.

Episode 16 – I love when they end a series with a montage and a voiceover.  I would have taken a kiss, but it was okay without it.  I’m still not clear on how they ended up doing their engagement party.  Was the last fantasy the actual party?  Please leave a comment or email me if you know.

Overall it was a good series, not great, but good and watch-able.  I still don’t love Jung Ryeo Won, though she didn’t bug me as much in this series I just don’t think she’s a great actress.  On the other side I liked Kim Rae Won, he certainly didn’t blow me away, but I like that he is attractive without being too pretty boy.  Park Shi Hoo is more for the eye candy aspect and he was engaging in the few scenes he was in.  As a side note, Kim Rae Won entered the military in 09 and should be out sometime next year.  I really liked him as a different brand of leading man, a little thicker, a little more masculine – it was nice to see some diversity in the leading man.  Overall grade: C

Best Scenes of What Planet are you from?

  1. Episode 12 – running on the bridge
  2. Seung Hui and Bok Shil first kiss – Ep 8
  3. Seung Hui remembering Hye Soo – Ep 1

Please leave a comment if you had other favorite Scenes.  Thank you!

What Planet Are You From? – Ep 1-6

10 06 2010

What Planet are you From?

This series is also known as Which Star are you from? I started this series because of some excellent reviews, but I was hesitant because I did not like Jung Ryeo Won in Sam Soon.  The first 5 episodes of What Planet are you From were almost unbearable due mostly to Bok Shil’s terrible hair styles.  Seriously, who in their right mind would wear their hair that way.  Anyway, I just muddled through them because I did like the rest of the cast and especially Kim Rae Won and Park Shi Hoo.  Choi Seung Hee (Kim Rae Won) was moody and melancholy in such a good way and Park Shi Hoo as Han Jung Hoon was just great eye candy.  So I trudged through finally making it to Episode 6, the end of the stupid hair (I hope).  I’m just getting ready to begin episode 7 so here’s hoping, but the set-up is complete and I’m ready for the main course.