About KORmerica

What I’m watching as of 5.18.2012:

Currently watching Lie to Me, I went in with low expectations and have been pleasantly surprised, so far it is really funny!    Always looking for suggestions to improve the site or for dramas that you recommend.  Thanks!

What I’m doing?

Compiling interesting stuff on all things Korean from an American perspective.  Please enjoy!

How to reach me…

Please feel free to contact me at kormerica@yahoo.com.

I am also on Facebook under KORmerica & Jen Sofa.

I am also on Twitter at talkKormerica – I send out a tweet when I’ve added something worth mentioning to the site

I am also on Tumblr – Kormerica http://kormerica.tumblr.com/

I would love any suggestions for things to post, watch or discuss.

Thank you!

One response

26 10 2010

Hello, it’s Alou from the next door -thedramascenes. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the note! I am very excited to find your site, will be visiting often. Look forward to see what you think about Goong.

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