Best of … Lists!

This Page will be for Best of lists, Please make comments so I can add and update the lists as we enjoy more Korean entertainment!

This is the list of the K dramas I have watched so far, I try to rank them, but the order does change so please refer back or better yet, if you think I am wrong or missed a really good series, please leave comments below.

K drama  Best to Worst ranking

  1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  2. Coffee Prince
  3. You’re Beautiful
  4. City Hall
  5. Boys Over Flowers
  6. Something Happened in Bali
  7. Pasta
  8. Personal Taste
  9. What’s Up Fox?
  10. Greatest Love
  11. Jumong
  12. Thank You
  13. Jewel in the Palace
  14. Vampire Prosecutor
  15. City hunter
  16. A Gentlemen’s Dignity
  17. Secret Garden
  18. Il Jimae
  19. Soulmate
  20. Nice Guy
  21. GoonG
  22. SungKyunKwan Scandal
  23. Queen Seon Duk
  24. My girlfriend is a gumiho
  25. Queen of Reversals
  26. Lie to me
  27. Flowerboy Ramyun shop
  28. White Tower
  29. Padam Padam
  30. My Sweet Seoul
  31. Thornbirds
  32. Ruler of your own World
  33. Playful Kiss
  34. Hana Yori Dango
  35. My Girl
  36. Be Strong Geum Soon
  37. Shining inheritance
  38. Iris
  39. Bad Guy
  40. Beethoven Virus
  41. Couple or Trouble
  42. Full House
  43. Saranghae
  44. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
  45. Big
  46. Assorted Gems
  47. Meteor Gardens
  48. Que Sera Sera
  49. Stairway to Heaven
  50. What planet are you from?
  51. Bad Couple
  52. Lovers
  53. Summer Scent

Dramas I started but didn’t finish

  1. Dong Yi
  2. Cain and Able

Best K Drama Kisses

  1. My Lovely Sam Soon – Ep 6 Sam Soon and Jin Heon, a little alcohol, a little singing, and a kiss so good you can feel just watching it.
  2. City Hall – Ep 14 Wow – Cha Seung Won – Holy Hotness Batman
  3. Something Happened in Bali – anytime Jo In Sung heads in for a kiss I’m there… omo I have the biggest crush.
  4. My Sweet Seoul – Ep 1 & 2 – who knew Ji Hyun Woo could kiss like that…
  5. Nice Guy– Blow my socks off, Song Joong Ki should do classes so other actors can figure out how to do it.
  6. Boys Over Flowers – Ep 10 Jun Pyo kisses Jan Di in the middle of the street.  Best kiss of that series by far even though it looked like it was shot by a film student.
  7. Goong – Ep 21 – Joo Ji Hoon is a great kisser, their street kiss in the same series is an honorable mention, but this series is filled with great chemistry even though the “big” kiss didn’t have that thrill it was still hot.
  8. What Planet are you from?  Ep 1 – Seung Hui remembering kissing Hye Su.
  9. Playful Kiss – Kiss in the rain, Ep 13
  10. Postman to Heaven – Hero Jae Joong

What is your favorite k drama kiss?  Please leave your comments below!!

Have to add a K Movie kiss, might have to make a new list….

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

6 responses

2 01 2011

Very helpful lists. Now I need to head over to Amazon to buy some… o.O

6 01 2011

Thank you for your comment, I like lists and am constantly updating based on what I am watching at the time. Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Best, J

10 01 2011

other great kdrama kisses:

1. My Girl- the kiss in the street or park around episode 13

2. Personal Preference- i think episode 10 where Jin Ho confesses to Kae In he’s not really gay

12 01 2011

I loved the kiss in Personal Preference, basically any kiss with Lee Min Ho in it is awesome… I didn’t really feel as much chemistry with My Girl, but the series has grown on me since I first watched it 😉 Thanks for your awesome comments on the lists!

13 01 2011

oh yeah, speaking of kisses, i am now watching a TDrama called Down With Love and it has a great great kiss towards the end…basing on your top kdramas in the list, you’ll probably like it too 🙂

13 01 2011

Thank you so much for the suggestion, I really appreciate it! I will definitely check it out.

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