Secret Garden 2011 plus Big Bang Parody

23 05 2012

Oh Secret Garden where do I begin?  So good, so mediocre, so disappointing…

The series starts out with Ha Ji Won being allsorts of cool bad ass.  Love her and was glad to see her, since the last thing I saw her in was Something Happed in Bali which I happened to love, so that is a good start.  Hyun Bin, oh gosh, of Sam Soon fame and my first k-actor crush!  How could I not love you… and he started out very funny.  A little too much makeup for my liking and believe me I love makeup on a guy, but Binny is so cute I don’t think he needs the extra buffing the makeup gives him.  Anyway…

We get our first look at Lee Phillip, what can I say I am a sucker for long hair. Sometimes he looked amazing and other times, not so much, but either way, I am excited to see him in future and hopefully not translating scripts for Koreans in English – keke.

One of my favorite things in the whole series is when Joo Won starts imagining Ra Im with him, so cute!!!

I know this isn’t my best conversation about a series and to be honest, I watched it like 6 months ago, but I did like it, I just didn’t love it and I remember feeling super disappointed with the chemistry between the leads.  Ra Im had more chemistry with his cousin, who I beyond totally loved.

This series just held on to my #10 (although I think has fallen off the top 10 since…)spot on my Best of Kdrama list found here…

The bottom line was that though there was so much right about this series… I just didn’t fall in love with the main characters.  I didn’t have any strong desire to actually see them get together, so I didn’t fall in love with this series.  ;-(   I really hate to say it, but I still would recommend this because the depth of characters and the overall good time was right on.


You’re Beautiful Episode 10 plus info for T.O.P & Kim Hyun Joong video

26 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 10 – Things are really starting to heat up.  The one comment I really want to make, is I love male bravado done right and Jang Geun Suk really turns in a great performance, he keeps getting stronger as the series goes on and we see the deeper layers of TaeKyung.

Here’s a fun vid on Park Shin Hye… enjoy!

I am continuing to learn how to make my content richer, etc.  I have started a new page for videos, music, etc. anything that I want to share.

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I currently have a video of T.O.P. and Kim Hyun Joong,

.  They are both really great in it, but when T.O.P. starts rapping, he just blows everything else away.  By the way, they are both contenders for the Sexiest Actor in the poll as well.  Please vote at

K-pop suggestions for American listeners

21 05 2010

My suggestions for some good k-pop songs are:

1. DBSK/TVXQ – Mirotic

2. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
3. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

4.  Lies – Big Bang

5.  ?

Please leave a comment if you have other songs you would suggest!  Thanks