Goong or Princess Hours 2006

3 11 2010

I started Goong because I have also watched the first 6 episodes of Playful Kiss and on another site they mention comparisons to Goong.  Well I was waiting for more episodes of Playful Kiss to be released I flipped to Goong and I was hooked right away.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve been this much of an addict since You’re Beautiful.  The series was like eating a bowl of ice cream, light and creamy.  The characters were engaging and Prince Shin, Joo Ji Hoon was good eyecandy and a great kisser, ummm, he knows how to get the job done for sure.

The series moves very quickly for the most part which is awesome you start watching and you are instantly swept away into their world.  The two leads had some great chemistry too.

Yoon Eun Hye plays the female lead Chae Kyung and she was very engaging.  Totally different than her Coffee Prince role, I really enjoyed seeing her as a girl, it made me realize that she was a better actor in Coffee Prince because she seemed so natural in that role, not that it was a huge stretch, but it was a leap in her acting ability from Goong.  She also has a brief role in Personal Taste that she was good in.

I was all in until about episode 20.  Somewhere this series that started so fun and good went off the tracks, it really stalled and seemed to lose its way.  The whole thing with Prince Yul and his mom just went too far for me.  He should have stopped her earlier.  I know that they were working with an existing story from the Manga or should we say Manwha, but I think Korean TV needs to realize it is better to go away from the comic book in order to make the series good, cohesive, and logical for characters.  Once it fell apart, I’m not even sure what happened.  One minute Chae Kyung is crying that they are sending her away and the next thing she is happily living abroad and the Prince is some weird insecure character I’d never met.  They could have showed her growth because I do appreciate that, but not have her totally change.  It just didn’t fit with who the characters were up to that point and I didn’t see enough transition to make me feel that it was legitimate.

In the end, what happened?  She’s pregnant?  Then why didn’t they use the whole having sex thing for the series, could have been really funny or touching, but instead at the end they make the viewer feel left out of what happened and made the viewer or this viewer feel that they don’t know these characters at all.  The series was so good to start and then it just lost its way for me.  Basically after the fire it just fell apart, I haven’t read the Manwha, but if any reader has please leave a comment to explain.

The good stuff

1.  It was fun and light with good pace

2.  Lots of good chemistry and some fun sexual tension between the leads

3.  Some very perceptive writing, really liked how Chae Kyung realizes that she is the bad guy regarding Hyo Rin.

The not so good stuff

1.  Terrible fake backgrounds

2.  Some wooden acting

3.  The last few episodes – inconsistent with the rest of the series.

I am sure many are aware of the more recent scandal of Joo Ji Hoon (Prince Shin) he was caught doing ecxtasy and Ketamine.  He got probation and a suspended sentence.  Then earlier this year he joined the army.  I also heard he was very good in the series, The Devil, I haven’t seen it yet, but it is on my list. I also know that the public can be hard on celebs in trouble, so we will see once he is released from the army what kind of career he will have left.

Here’s my “wish they would have gone this way”…In my opinion a better ending would have been to have them sleep together before they made her go overseas and then brought her back pregnant and Shin taking the throne, but instead they drove us to some weird location and let us wander around with characters totally unlike the earlier characters.    So disappointing….

Overall – Grade: B-

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