Bad Guy – Kdrama 2010

10 12 2012

Oh Bad Guy, I love you so much… I need to preface this entry by stating, I just finished QSD and then immediately moved on to Bad Guy…. why… for those of you who already watched QSD I’m sure it will be no surprise, that I wanted a little more Kim Nam Gil.  Kim Nam Gil, Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways….. far, far too many.

So this is a revenge series and wow…. I love revenge!!  The set up was brilliant, I could hardly wait to get to the next episode.  But then it happened…. KNG was called up for his military service and yes, he left mid series to serve.  So they cut the series short and hobbled together an ending.  How can they finish a series without the lead actor?  The truth is they really couldn’t.  So I strongly recommend you watch this, especially if you are a revenge fan, but the ending was horrible and basically you will always wonder what it could’ve been…

For those Kim Nam Gil fans, omg… I love his many different hair styles in this this series, so ridiculous.  He just got out of his service and it slated to make a movie.  I am waiting with baited breath.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop – 2011

17 11 2012

This was a better show than I thought it would be, I expected it to be middle of the road and nothing special.  But I think it was quite good.  Lots of pop and snappy dialogue made it a very fun series.  Jung Il Woo was a standout.  One of my favorite aspects was the dialogue at times very smart and truthful.  Lee Ki Woo was awesome as well, but once I found out he was half Japanese(just on the show) I knew he’d never get the girl.  Ha – that just doesn’t happen in Kdramas – ever…   His shirtless scenes were ridiculous and if you r a fan you should look up his military service pics …. wow.


Secret Garden 2011 plus Big Bang Parody

23 05 2012

Oh Secret Garden where do I begin?  So good, so mediocre, so disappointing…

The series starts out with Ha Ji Won being allsorts of cool bad ass.  Love her and was glad to see her, since the last thing I saw her in was Something Happed in Bali which I happened to love, so that is a good start.  Hyun Bin, oh gosh, of Sam Soon fame and my first k-actor crush!  How could I not love you… and he started out very funny.  A little too much makeup for my liking and believe me I love makeup on a guy, but Binny is so cute I don’t think he needs the extra buffing the makeup gives him.  Anyway…

We get our first look at Lee Phillip, what can I say I am a sucker for long hair. Sometimes he looked amazing and other times, not so much, but either way, I am excited to see him in future and hopefully not translating scripts for Koreans in English – keke.

One of my favorite things in the whole series is when Joo Won starts imagining Ra Im with him, so cute!!!

I know this isn’t my best conversation about a series and to be honest, I watched it like 6 months ago, but I did like it, I just didn’t love it and I remember feeling super disappointed with the chemistry between the leads.  Ra Im had more chemistry with his cousin, who I beyond totally loved.

This series just held on to my #10 (although I think has fallen off the top 10 since…)spot on my Best of Kdrama list found here…

The bottom line was that though there was so much right about this series… I just didn’t fall in love with the main characters.  I didn’t have any strong desire to actually see them get together, so I didn’t fall in love with this series.  ;-(   I really hate to say it, but I still would recommend this because the depth of characters and the overall good time was right on.


City Hunter – 2011

23 05 2012


This was a really different drama than I expected.  I either thought it would be very action/super hero type or typical k-drama, but for me it was neither.  It had a solid storyline and I loved the action/fight scenes – particularly the ones with Lee Min Ho and his gorgeous legs.  But this series just wasn’t totally committed to being an action series.  I enjoyed the romantic elements with him and Park Min Young (from SungKyunKwan Scandal) though I think they lacked the sizzling chemistry of my favorite dramas, they were certainly cute and at times they were better than others.  Their relationship didn’t really move me though, not completely.  I actually cried harder over the prosecutor and his ex-wife, which is really saying something because I didn’t like him at all in the beginning. 

I also thought the city hunter disguise was a little bit easy, like seriously you can’t all tell that it is him?  Sorta like Superman with his glasses on… really?  But despite minor things I could pick on and overall sizzle, it was an extremely interesting story and had lots of elements to keep me interested and was just solid for the most part.  Overall I would give this a high rating of 9 out of 10! 

Summer Scent – 2003

17 03 2012

This is the only drama I have seen in the Yoon Suk Ho’s four seasons dramas and I think I should have started with a different season….

What was good?
Well I love Son Ye Jin, especially in the more recent “Personal Taste” but she was a bit flat in this series.
I also really liked Ryu Jin who played the fiance’ and his sister played by Han Ji Hye.

Overall the story was too slow. It started out very promising, but just crawled in places and the direction was not good. Basically the characters looked stupid, why couldn’t they figure out who the donor was and really it didn’t seem compelling as a reason for several episodes to be hinged on. Seriously, the audience is smarter and needs more tension than that. It would have worked for one maybe two episodes, but seriously that was the big issue for like 10 episodes. ugh! I hate thinking about it now.

What was really bad!!!

Song Seung Hun… sorry fans of this cute actor… but I thought he was terrible. I hated his hair, he should never be filmed running and he just didn’t turn me on. Seriously – even in 2003 sleeveless shirts on a professional architect. Really, sleeveless shirts period. Gross.

The story was not believable and silly at best, really boring and dumb most of the time. The fact that the management team for a resort was made up of the boss, his sister, the architect and the florist. This stupid writing made me want to scream. They could have made her an interior designer with a love for flowers or an art director with a flower shop on the side, but really florists don’t play a major role in a renovation.

I didn’t think that they had real chemistry. I just didn’t buy that they were in love. I’m not sure who is to blame for this, the actors, the writers or the director. It was all bad.

Anyway, I won’t really go further, but just to say, if you haven’t seen this skip it, if you liked it or have other comments, please leave them to discuss the series, but this certainly doesn’t leave me wanting for spring, fall or winter…

Jewel in the Palace – 2003

12 08 2011

I’m not really sure what made me start this.  I guess I just wanted to watch something that had a huge following and huge ratings.  This had both and after 54 episodes I can see why.  The cooking and medical stuff really interested me as well.  It gave me lots to think about and I wonder why medical professionals today don’t spend more time on the pulse.

This historical drama was just a really interesting story.  Touching and inspiring it had a ton of heart.  At times it reminded me of an American soap opera with all the eye movement and side way glances, but I loved every soapy minute.

Lee Young Ae stars as Jang Geum and she alone is worth watching.  I absolutely love her!  I knew her from the movie Lady Vengeance which is the third in the trilogy by director Park Chan-Wook.  This trilogy also includes Oldboy.  If you haven’t seen either of these films you are missing out.  Dark and violent, but they will leave an impact. 

This series is light on romance, but the romance it does have is really poignant.  Ji Jin Hee of Dong Yi, was excellent here and I loved seeing him outside of the Dong Yi role (couldn’t take him being a stupid sentimentalist anymore).

As an interesting side note, 3 of the actresses from Be Strong Geum Soon were in this.

Well, this is definitely worth watching and I would give it an 8 out of 10.  Good writing, good acting, and kept my interest over a long run.

Boys Over Flowers – 2009

17 07 2011

So what is the appeal? What made millions of us fly into a tizzy over this series? I am in the process of re-watching it and I can honestly say that it still remains a mystery. Yet I am still drawn to it and continue to wish for things about the series because you do become so invested in the characters. Lee Min Ho just draws you in, but after 3 episodes I know he hasn’t even really begun to work his magic.

I asked a friend of mine to watch it as well, so she just started and I am hoping her objective opinion will give me some new insights into this crazy crack addiction we call BOF.

Episode 4…. Now we are getting somewhere.  They say goodbye to Ji Hoo, but we get to say hello to some quality time with Jun Pyo.  WooHoooo!  Just minutes into the episode he does the beloved scene of leaning toward Jan Di at the car and telling her some unheard statement.  Oh to know what he said!! Love this and basically my feeling is that if you make it to this point in the series, buckle your seat belt because you won’t be able to stop now.

As we leave episode 4 how could it get better, oh yes, how about a romantic “save me” moment to start ep 5 followed by a scenario all women dream of… being taken first on a shopping spree than a private jet whisks you and your best friend away to a beautiful paradise.  We won’t mention the weird choice of clothing for both Joon Pyo or Jan Di… ha.

While in Caledonia we get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and I love the tension that builds between the characters.  Let’s try and erase the image of the volleyball scene.  Not only are the outfits beyond bad, but clearly this wasn’t any of the boys better sports.

Oh the betrayal – how could Jan Di or Ji Hoo do that to Jun Pyo?  I was ready to throttle them both into the ocean.

Ji Hoo and Jan Di date…. I love the expression on Hyun Joong’s face when he gets dissed on his kiss attempt.  Perfect.  Ha.

By episode 7 things are finally all working out and then Jan Di starts avoiding Jun Pyo… why?

In episode 9 we finally get the kiss we have been waiting for… Jan Di finally doesn’t turn away.  Geesh about time.

The best kiss of the entire series comes in ep 10 in the street.  I love Lee Min Ho’s walk.  Makes me want to rip off his coat.

Then we get to the modeling stuff… ugh!  I wish they would have skipped this, but whatever…

Basically, you really get caught up, but things start to unravel to some extent in the second half of the series.  Though I continued the addiction in full force, I wished for more with every episode.

And here is the biggest gripe, I hate the ending.  why… why…why… they could have just had her and him have one happy moment in the end to finish a beautiful story, but no… she slowly creeps to him on the beach.  This ridiculously handsome, wealthy man that has been waiting 4 yrs comes with ring in hand and you just smirk.  Ugh!! why couldn’t they have given me something, anything, but no.  Just this stupid scene.

Anyway, overall this is an addictive series and the best of the Jap, Taiwanese or Korean versions… I have seen both Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden.  Each series has its strengths.  BOF has the best male lead though HYD’s Matsumoto would be a close second, he has that same odd appeal.  My favorite female lead goes to HYD, Makino is my favorite female lead of the three by far.  She is totally adorable and by far the least annoying.  Even Meteor Garden has some fun features and I the best theme song, but of the three it gets the most slow and is more outdated.

As one of the first series I watched it definitely solidified my love of k-dramas ad despite quite a few missteps it still sits relatively high on my favorite Kdramas of all time list.