Playful Kiss 2010

24 11 2010

Playful Kiss is a remake or based on a previous Japanese version called Itazura na Kiss (1996) and was preceded by It Started with a Kiss which was the Taiwanese version (2005).  The Korean version stars Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 & BOF) and Jung So Min.

So I will confess that I couldn’t help but have a “thing” for Kim Hyun Joong after BOF.  I have to make excuses so here goes… BOF was one of the first k-dramas I watched and so I guess I was just surprised to see such a good looking cast.  We all know it wasn’t like an amazing drama or great acting, but I was the typical addict.   I laughed when I saw the first F4 scene, who are these silly looking boys, but then it happened that magical draw I still can’t explain.  Kim Hyun Joong, was so wooden in that role, but irresistably cute that I guess most people either loved him or hated him.  After BOF I saw Hyun Joong in We Got Married (some of the episodes) and various interviews, commercials and SS501 stuff and he is a really interesting personality.  After the BOF success I didn’t like that he seemed a little too overexposed and a bit full of himself, so I was ready to be critical of him in this role.  That being said, despite a wooden performance and a lot of one note – I still liked him (darn it!) and really liked that he seemed more comfortable with the romantic lead stuff (minus the honeymoon scene).  What is it about Hyun Joong that pulls you in?? argh!!!

Okay, beyond that, what really saved this series for me was Jung So Min and many of the supporting cast.  Jung So Min was so cute and engaging and lovable even when I thought her character was being stupid I was still pulling for her.  I just liked her and her acting helped Kim Hyun Joong as well.

Lee Si Young, who was the friend that was obsessed with Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers is the 2nd girl in this series and she was hard to recognize because she is much thinner.  I just want to add here that she may be a lot thinner, but I think it took something away from her, she was less attractive here than in BOF.  She was a good 2nd girl though and I liked that her ending was a happy one.

The 2nd man was Joon Gu played by Lee Tae Sung and he is awfully cute.  I didn’t love who they matched him with in the end, but he was great as the 2nd man and I can’t wait to see him in a different role.

And could the mom be cuter?!?! She was awesome! Love her and she’s gorgeous.

I have read criticism for the teddy bear scenes (being similar to Goong), but I think if they work than they can become a trademark for that writing team or director or whomever is responsible.  I liked it and it didn’t bother me at all that it had been done before, still cute.

By episode 12 I am tired of the dick act from Baek Seung Jo.  Where did the spark go?   Though I know no one in their right mind would -you could almost skip ep 7-12… Then things get back on track…

The honeymoon… – seriously-… I don’t care how much you have had to drink nor if the neighbors are over late, aren’t you going to get things “done” if you are newly married.  Whatever… when they finally make it to the bed… hmmm.  My feeling is it could have been hotter.  The matching jammies though cute, were a damper to the hot aspect and though the other kisses were totally hot and made Hyun Joong look like he knows what he is doing, the actual bed scene was weak, maybe it was the way they shot it but I loved his line, “I can’t wait any longer” but I just didn’t feel the heat… The rain scene was so good that I’ll let this slide though.

Two final notes… Regarding the hair… Kim Hyun Joong, started out straight – for me this was a nod to the BOF’s look, then went curly, cute but a bit too curly for me… maybe if he was a run your hands through your hair kind of guy I would like it better… but in the end was the best, he wore it in between, straight but not as perfect.  And finally, if you really liked the series or either of the leads YouTube has additional short episodes on line.  They are cute and give a slightly warmer side to the dick that is Baek Sung Jo.

Overall Grade B+ – wasn’t a deep story with many layers, but I like that it was just about this couple getting together and wasn’t distracted by too much other plot.




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25 11 2010

It’s always good to read your comments!

I agree with you that the story is more cute than deep. It kept me entertained without requiring too much effort, and I am always smiling when I see Ha Ni and Seung Jo together. Kim Hyun Joon kills me with his smile every time, so I ask for nothing more than just a pleasant drama to watch.

I look forward to read your next drama review 🙂

17 12 2010

It’s hard to make a deep story of a manga series that defies all seriousness and is very silly. But if you have seen the original 1996 version, then this one is a lot better in some respects, even with the wooden acting of KHJ. I really did like Jung So Min and Lee Tae Sung. I first saw JSM in Bad Guy which is a darker melodrama, so it was nice to see her playing a cute and funny girl. She did totally make thee series and Lee Tae Sung was awesome as the man who just can’t get over her. I first saw him in Teacher’s Pet, but don’t really recommend the movie just because I really had no idea just what the heck was going on by the end of it. But then again, I guess I can’t find Korean movies necessarily as interesting as their dramas.

28 12 2010

Again, thank you for your excellent comments! I haven’t seen the original version but thanks to you I will not make it a priority. I laugh when I think of how wooden KHJ really is, but he’s similar to the affect of driving by a car accident, you can’t help but look. I haven’t seen Bad Guy, but it is definitely on my list and I agree I will skip Teacher’s pet. Love your comments, thank you so much. I started this in part to have someone to share thoughts with on the series so I am thrilled with you thoughts!

28 12 2010

Thanks for you comments as well! The original is worth a gander to see at least once, but jdoramas that are comedies tend to be ripe with over-the-top acting that can get annoying. When they actually calm things down and get more realistic, then the drama seems to shine. I do hope to check out the Taiwanese version as a lot of people highly recommend it and I do like the story (as silly as it is). Though Taiwanese dramas can be just as bad with over the top silliness as jdramas.

You’ll have to let me know what you think of Bad Guy. I am half way through the melodrama myself and had to take a brief break (it’s hard to watch any melodrama straight through for me).

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