My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – 2010

30 05 2011

Aka.. My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox,  내 여자친구는 구미호or  Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho is the latest from the Hong Sisters.  After their last show, You’re Beautiful, I had high expectations.  That is probably terribly unfair to this cute and fun show.   This was light hearted fair and didn’t have me racing to the next episode, but I did enjoy the series and once again loved Lee Seung Gi, although he was better near the end and showed more depth both as a character and an actor.  I got a little tired of his cute good guy act and can’t wait for him to eventually take a role that really shows his acting chops.

This is the first time I’ve seen Shin Min Ah although I had heard of her from the T.O.P. girlfriend rumors awhile back.  She is very cute and though I grew to like her I wasn’t blown away by her as an actor or character.  I think she could have gone farther with the scary Gumiho stuff, but kept it all pretty tame and he big cry scene made me cringe instead of cry, but she is very cute and had some definite charm.

No Min Woo, of Pasta fame also had his second showing for me here.  It was great to see him in an expanded role and he was cute as ever. I can’t lie, he made Hyun Joong seem like an actor of depth and deep feeling, so wooden isn’t even strong enough but occasionally you could just glimpse something beneath the surface that gives me lots of hope for future roles.  I could never totally get a handle on who he was in this drama, not really a second man, not a villian.  Maybe he didn’t know either and that is why he just stood with a hollow look most of the time.  And he is much more attractive when he shakes off the perfect structure of hair and makeup and you can actually see him as a person come through.  Anyway, here’s hoping to see more of him in the future.

My favorite character was Sung Dong Il, as the director.  He was hilarious and super funny.

If you like Hong Sisters dramas, you will no doubt like this too.  It was cute and enjoyable, probably just a notch under Sungkyun Kwan Scandal for me.  It just felt like the Hong Sisters hadn’t quite thought through who these characters were and what they were bringing to the story rather than it being story driven with some cute moments and characters thrown in. Overall Grade B.


My Girl – Episodes 5-16

23 06 2010

My Girl continued…

Episode 5 – things are finally heating up.  Definite chemistry between Yoo Rin and Gong Chan, although I still have 2nd man syndrome and am pulling for Jung Woo.  Plus the Hong Sisters really have us at a crossroads.  Either we will be disappointed that Yoo Rin isn’t really the cousin or we will be grossed out that they are cousins.  I’m guessing we’ll be disappointed rather than grossed out, but I can’t wait to find out…

Episode 6&7 – Love that Jung Woo realizes Yoo Rin likes Gong Chan and how he just passes her off to him at the party.  You can really see the acting chops of Lee Jun Ki here he brings a nice depth to the character.  Still more interested in 2nd man although Yoo Rin and Gong Chan do have cute chemistry and you can feel it growing between them.

Episodes 8-13 – ep13 had me on the edge of my seat.

Episode 14 – I’m sure this isn’t a popular thing to say, but I was pretty ticked with Yoo Rin and Gong Chan.  They were both so wrapped up in their feelings that they couldn’t see how it was going to effect everyone around them.  I can’t see that I will want them together in the end.

Episodes 15 & 16 – Really enjoyed the end of this series.  It didn’t end in typical fashion where you either feel incomplete (Soulmates) or that it was rushed (Boys over Flowers)  or worse that they checklist everyone in the story and wrap it up (Personal Taste).  This was a story on point right to the end.

The only other Hong Sisters show I’ve watched was You’re Beautiful and though I definitely preferred that to My Girl, they each had areas that were better than the other.  My Girl had a better ending, better side stories that weren’t as distracting, and a much better 2nd man.  Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo (2nd man in You’re Beautiful) was fine, I think it was his first acting gig and it showed.  Lee Jun Ki as Seo Jung Woo was awesome (I am biased, he’s just so cute) he stole every scene he was in.  He had me pulling for him to the end and he pulled off the 2nd man role without seeming pathetic.  I loved how they validated his feelings when he encouraged Gong Chan at the end to hold onto her because if not it would make his love pathetic (so right on…).  Can’t wait to see Lee Jun Ki in his others roles especially Time between dog and wolf , I’ve heard really good things about it.

Back to the story, I was really mad at Yoo Rin and Gong Chan, how could they do that to the Grandfather.  I couldn’t even fathom how they could ever get to a point that I would feel bad for them and want them to be together, but it happened.  I think the Hong Sisters were right on with how contrite Yoo Rin was and how far she went to try to avoid getting back together with Gong Chan.  It had to go that far in order to make the audience feel that it was okay for them to get back together.  By the end of the series I was happy they were accepted and I loved that Gong Chan never backed down from trying to hold onto her and I loved that he knew she lied in the end, (Actually I loved how everyone knew her lie was a lie).  Smart, fun series!

Overall I really liked the series, it did have some slow moments, but it really ramped up to the end and gave a good payoff.  Plus one of my complaints was not having a good kiss at the end of You’re Beautiful, but My Girl did have a nice kiss in the elevator and the end scene was so cute.  Han Chae Young as Choi Ha Na, the real granddaughter, who also was Min Seo Hyun in Boys over Flowers is so gorgeous, loved seeing her in this tiny role.  Jae Hee as Lee Mong Ryong, Ha Na’s husband was really cute.  I’ve never seen anything he’s been in, but definitely adding to my list.

I watched a few episodes of this series split between two different websites and each obviously had different subtitles…again, the subs were clearly better from one site than the other.  I know I always say this, but when you are not a Korean speaker this makes a huge difference.  The subtlety of words can change the tone and feel of a character so much.


I am putting up a list of all the series under the Best of Lists tab, this will include all the series I have watched so far and ranking them, this would be in the top 10.

Overall I would give this series a B.

Favorite Scenes:

  1. Anytime Yoo Rin is in the Tangerine Orchard.  Love her.
  2. Ep 4 – the I’m leaning into you and you see me like a man scene
  3. Ep 4 – end of episode, Gong Chan and Yoo Rin in the car and Gong Chan and Seo Hyun in the drive exchanging niceties.
  4. Episode 15 – when Yoo Rin was going to throw the star and Gong Chan stops her
  5. Any Scene Lee Jun Ki was in
  6. The last 5 minutes of the series

My Girl – Episodes 1-4 + funny scene clip

18 06 2010

Just started My Girl by the Hong Sisters… Good first episode, I’m interested.  What is up with the Hong Sisters always alluding to the romantic leads possibly being related.  They sniffed at that with You’re Beautiful.

Okay – I just finished episode 3 and I’m hooked.  I love the lead Lee Da Hae (Yoo Rin), she is so cute and funny.  She lights up the whole screen.  I cried at the Grandfather scene and then laughed out loud because he wasn’t dead.  The series is so charming.

This is the first series that I have pulled more for the 2nd man (Jung Woo).  I am totally loving Lee Joon Ki (Great hair, so sexy).  This is the first thing I’ve seen him in, but Time Between Dog and Wolf is on my list of must see.

I love the scene in Ep 4 when Gong Chan is lying to Yoo Rin and leans toward her.  Basically, I love anytime a guy leans out his hand over a girl, corners her with his arm and then leans into her (i.e. loved it in You’re Beautiful).

The scene at the end of episode 4 when Seo Hyun and Gong Chan are talking/reuniting, reminded me so much of the scene in My Lovely Sam Soon when Jin Heon gets back with Hee Jin…  I didn’t want Hee Jin back, despite her condition, I still didn’t want them together.  What made that storyline work so well in My Lovely Sam Soon was that it played out the Hee Jin relationship so naturally and was done in such a lovely way.  In comparison, for My Girl, I felt bad for Seo Hyun and didn’t really feel that much chemistry between Yoo Rin and Gong Chan yet.  Gong Chan clearly wasn’t over Seo Hyun, so I am glad that got back together… besides Gong Chan and Yoo Rin still might be cousins – right?  But I do think Lee Da Hae (Yoo Rin) gave a great performance in her last scene looking sad over seeing them together and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

You’re Beautiful – Episode 15 & 16

31 05 2010

Episode 15 & 16 –

Basically the last two episodes were fairly formulaic – 15 wraps it up and 16 closes it out.

Praises –

  1. Overall a great series
  2. Well paced, well-balanced
  3. Excellent casting and all gave great performances
  4. Great scenes expressing the feelings of falling in love.

Criticisms –

  1. The Shin Woo relationship never really got off the ground for me, I was never totally pulling for him, because there just wasn’t any tension there.  Although we know he is a good guy, he didn’t give any sustained pressure.
  2. They should have done more with Shin Woo and Tae Kyung, some rivalry and more jealousy.  That was underused in this series, but would have been fun to see.
  3. The Fly Me to the Moon song
  4. They didn’t end it with a kiss.  Buzzkill.

…. If I knew in advance I would have liked it so well, I would have savored it more.

You’re Beautiful Episode 14

28 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 14 –  Loved the beginning of this episode, seriously I had a physical reaction when he whispers in her ear!  I also love the fireworks and flowers digital scenes.   The fan fiction montage was hilarious and this is all in just the first 15 minutes.

There is one thing as an American viewer that doesn’t translate well in the subtitles.  When TaeKyung whispers, “chohayo” the subtitle reads I love you, but this is really more of an “I like you romantically” statement.  If it were I love you he would have said sarang hae.

To the Jeremy Magic Bus scene… hmmm, I have to say, I love Lee Hong Ki but his character is so exaggerated it was hard for me to get into him… (although snaps for being the first shirtless bandmate in episode 1).  But I was emotionally moved with his bus scene.  The part that really stuck it to me is when Go Mi Nam just rode with him on the bus at the end.  Lee Hong Ki totally won me over, can’t wait to see him in more acting roles.

To the “Stars on the Rooftop post movie” scene…. I was totally waiting for this scene/moment and it didn’t disappoint.   I especially liked what Tae Kyung was wearing in this scene.  He just looked too sexy and then the little finger come hither… The whole thing was just so yummy, more please.

When Shin Woo comes home, I have to say that the writers (the Hong Sisters) really hit the nail on the head.  As far as the subtitles allow, exactly, no tension between them, he finally seems to “get it” but it is too late now.  I would have liked to see this earlier and really had some tension between him and TaeKyung.

And as a final note… Are there only 2 Caucasian actors in Korea?  In this series there are two; the unattractive “princess” from Jeremy’s dream sequence and the female doctor about midway through the episode who is the same Chef that appeared in Boys over Flowers.  I don’t know how well received she is as an actor in Korea, but here in the States, she super sucks.  I cringe with every second of her on screen time.  (update – just saw another fugly blonde on My Girl)

BTW – the kiss from episode 14 is found in my Best list… click here

Previously had the vid clip where Tae Kyung leans over and whispers in her ear… “Chohayo” – one of my favorite scenes, but it was deleted and I can’t find it.  Please leave a comment if you know where I can pick up back up.

You’re Beautiful Episode 6 and clip

25 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 6 –  Here is a link for a Youtube video of some extra’s during the fantasy, “who got tased” scene.  Enjoy!

Update – Okay, I can’t seem to keep that clip.  I find it put it up and then it gets removed, so I am replacing with this BTS clip but if you haven’t seen the whole series, you probably shouldn’t watch it yet.

I loved the tantrum Yoo He Yi throws trying to get into the studio.  It was so real and as a non-Korean speaker it sounded really cool.

Also am I the only one who appreciated Jung Yong Hwa’s pants in the Myungdong scenes?  I did feel so bad for him when TaeKyung called.

Please continue to check back as I continue to update and add content to make my site more fun.  Just added a new page for Music vids and other tidbits.

You’re Beautiful – Episode 2 plus BTS clip of Lee Hong Ki

24 05 2010

Continued discussion of You’re Beautiful

Episode 2 –  I absolutely loved the animated clouds, so cute!

Let’s take a moment to talk about Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy).  Okay, if anyone knows why his character has an American name, I’d love to know.  But cheers all around, good choice, it fit his character and I loved hearing the Korean actors say it.  Anyway, Lee Hong Ki is the lead singer for a band called F.T. Island.  I don’t know much about the band, but I do love their song “Love Sick”.  *update – Lee Hong Ki has really grown on me since this show.  He is so cute I can hardly stand it.  I saw him on Family Outing, but he had just had his wisdom teeth pulled so he was pretty quiet, but it was cool to see him out of character.  I really liked him and he sang part of Love Sick and his voice is awesome.  I also saw a clip of him on some dating show, so if anyone knows what show that is, please leave a comment so I can check it out.

Here are some behind the scenes clips of “Jeremy”… not eng subbed, but really cute.

Jung Yong Hwa (Shin Woo) is a guitarist and vocalist for the new Korean group C N Blue.  Due to his success in this series, he is now the leader of the group (previously held by Lee Jong Hyun).

I love the little hardcore riff they play when Tae Kyung comes on screen.  It just feels fun.

This is the second series from the Hong Sisters that I have watched.  The first was Fantasy Couple, which was good, but I think it was tainted because in America we saw the original Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell OverBoard, which is totally hilarious and Goldie Hawn was just so charming.