You’re Beautiful – Episode 2 plus BTS clip of Lee Hong Ki

24 05 2010

Continued discussion of You’re Beautiful

Episode 2 –  I absolutely loved the animated clouds, so cute!

Let’s take a moment to talk about Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy).  Okay, if anyone knows why his character has an American name, I’d love to know.  But cheers all around, good choice, it fit his character and I loved hearing the Korean actors say it.  Anyway, Lee Hong Ki is the lead singer for a band called F.T. Island.  I don’t know much about the band, but I do love their song “Love Sick”.  *update – Lee Hong Ki has really grown on me since this show.  He is so cute I can hardly stand it.  I saw him on Family Outing, but he had just had his wisdom teeth pulled so he was pretty quiet, but it was cool to see him out of character.  I really liked him and he sang part of Love Sick and his voice is awesome.  I also saw a clip of him on some dating show, so if anyone knows what show that is, please leave a comment so I can check it out.

Here are some behind the scenes clips of “Jeremy”… not eng subbed, but really cute.

Jung Yong Hwa (Shin Woo) is a guitarist and vocalist for the new Korean group C N Blue.  Due to his success in this series, he is now the leader of the group (previously held by Lee Jong Hyun).

I love the little hardcore riff they play when Tae Kyung comes on screen.  It just feels fun.

This is the second series from the Hong Sisters that I have watched.  The first was Fantasy Couple, which was good, but I think it was tainted because in America we saw the original Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell OverBoard, which is totally hilarious and Goldie Hawn was just so charming.