Beethoven Virus 2008

29 08 2010

Beethoven Virus starring Kim Myung Min, Jang Geun Suk, and Lee Ji Ah

A different type of series, more about the story as a whole, and less relationship based.  If you love Classical music or any of the leads this is probably worth watching.  Kim Myung Min was amazing as the lead and his performance excellent.   The series undulated for me in the sense that it would build and then wrap up and then start again, build, and wrap up.  I was  disappointed with the ending, as it left a ton hanging.  I was so glad to see Kim Myung Min and he commands the screen when he wants -that was the best part of this series and fun to watch.

Ep. 7 had a good “almost kiss” and by episode 9 I was ready to take up the violin and join an orchestra.  Unfortunately, this series didn’t come to more of a peak for me.  I loved the feel of the world this series created and was really into it for awhile, but it just never got going beyond the middle of the series.

Though I loved Jang Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful and though I casually like him in Beethoven’s Virus, I would hardly notice him in comparison to Kim Myung Min.  It is weird to see how much he paled in any scene to Kim Myung Min.  KMM’s Kang Gun Woo was so powerful and perfect.  He actually reminds me a lot of the role Jang Geun Suk played in You’re Beautiful and anyone would by lying to say JGS didn’t take some inspiration from KMM for YB.   Basically hard and arrogant on the outside, yet warm and yummy inside.  It has been said that Kim Myung Min created a sensation in Korea referred to as Kang Ma Eh Syndrome and earned him fresh acclaim from critics and viewers.  I can believe that and will definitely look forward to seeing him in a different role in future (*update – just started White Tower and am enjoying KMM in the role of a surgeon).

Here are my complaints –

  1. Jan Geun Suk’s Kang Gun Woo started out distant, was not friendly or warm.  But as the series went on he was a total pussy cat.  This seemed like a pretty big inconsistency.  I can’t believe he would ever reject Du Ru Mi in the beginning if you look at his character through the rest of the series.
  2. No payoff – (spoiler alert) Basically there was no big payoff romantically or a showdown between the Gun Woo’s.  Yes, we saw the transformation of Maestro Kang Gun Woo and his performance as I have said repeatedly was amazing, but he never really gave us a payoff with Du Ru Mi, Gun Woo or “the little orchestra that could”.  The scene in the studio where she is laying on the floor was nice, but he didn’t really admit his feelings for her.  This was a bummer, I really liked when he had that moment with Young Kang Gun Woo and hugged him, but they left me hanging with Du Ru Mi she was still losing her hearing and she wasn’t getting any love from the Maestro.. wtf?
  3. Once again I was unfortunately disappointed with the ending.  Though I get the deeper meaning that no matter the adversity the love of the music is the greater purpose, but still I am left feeling like I missed the main course.  I kept thinking that the whole series would lead up to something big that never came. Other than Maestro’s transformation everyone was left in limbo.

So I would give this a grade of B- only because Kim Myung Min’s performance outweighed everything else about this.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts on the ending or why in general K dramas often have disappointing endings or if I am just missing something I didn’t get.  Thank you!

Jang Geun Suk Ideal Woman

2 06 2010

Jang Geun Suk on Champagne; a show on KBS where the contestant chooses his ideal type.  It is a really fun show, I laughed a lot, so please enjoy.

This was so much fun to watch, thank  you cecilia @ soompi for subbing it.  I thought it was interesting to see that he didn’t always pick who I thought he might.

You’re Beautiful – Episode 15 & 16

31 05 2010

Episode 15 & 16 –

Basically the last two episodes were fairly formulaic – 15 wraps it up and 16 closes it out.

Praises –

  1. Overall a great series
  2. Well paced, well-balanced
  3. Excellent casting and all gave great performances
  4. Great scenes expressing the feelings of falling in love.

Criticisms –

  1. The Shin Woo relationship never really got off the ground for me, I was never totally pulling for him, because there just wasn’t any tension there.  Although we know he is a good guy, he didn’t give any sustained pressure.
  2. They should have done more with Shin Woo and Tae Kyung, some rivalry and more jealousy.  That was underused in this series, but would have been fun to see.
  3. The Fly Me to the Moon song
  4. They didn’t end it with a kiss.  Buzzkill.

…. If I knew in advance I would have liked it so well, I would have savored it more.

You’re Beautiful Episode 14

28 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 14 –  Loved the beginning of this episode, seriously I had a physical reaction when he whispers in her ear!  I also love the fireworks and flowers digital scenes.   The fan fiction montage was hilarious and this is all in just the first 15 minutes.

There is one thing as an American viewer that doesn’t translate well in the subtitles.  When TaeKyung whispers, “chohayo” the subtitle reads I love you, but this is really more of an “I like you romantically” statement.  If it were I love you he would have said sarang hae.

To the Jeremy Magic Bus scene… hmmm, I have to say, I love Lee Hong Ki but his character is so exaggerated it was hard for me to get into him… (although snaps for being the first shirtless bandmate in episode 1).  But I was emotionally moved with his bus scene.  The part that really stuck it to me is when Go Mi Nam just rode with him on the bus at the end.  Lee Hong Ki totally won me over, can’t wait to see him in more acting roles.

To the “Stars on the Rooftop post movie” scene…. I was totally waiting for this scene/moment and it didn’t disappoint.   I especially liked what Tae Kyung was wearing in this scene.  He just looked too sexy and then the little finger come hither… The whole thing was just so yummy, more please.

When Shin Woo comes home, I have to say that the writers (the Hong Sisters) really hit the nail on the head.  As far as the subtitles allow, exactly, no tension between them, he finally seems to “get it” but it is too late now.  I would have liked to see this earlier and really had some tension between him and TaeKyung.

And as a final note… Are there only 2 Caucasian actors in Korea?  In this series there are two; the unattractive “princess” from Jeremy’s dream sequence and the female doctor about midway through the episode who is the same Chef that appeared in Boys over Flowers.  I don’t know how well received she is as an actor in Korea, but here in the States, she super sucks.  I cringe with every second of her on screen time.  (update – just saw another fugly blonde on My Girl)

BTW – the kiss from episode 14 is found in my Best list… click here

Previously had the vid clip where Tae Kyung leans over and whispers in her ear… “Chohayo” – one of my favorite scenes, but it was deleted and I can’t find it.  Please leave a comment if you know where I can pick up back up.

You’re Beautiful Episode 12 & 13

27 05 2010

Episode 12 – The kiss really wasn’t that exciting, no fireworks, but what happened afterward I totally loved.  Her fantasy of asking him why he kissed her… this made my heart practically thump out of my chest.  Tae Kyung’s/Jang Geun Suk’s smile is a ridiculously dangerous weapon and very firework worthy.

Also I noted the electric guitar version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  This song must really be a big deal in Korea, I have heard it in several dramas.  If anyone knows any additional info please leave a comment.  Thank you.

I have read that the ending line of this episode was somewhat misrepresented by the subtitle, it is more of a recognition that she likes him and he is okay with that rather than how conceited it sounds.

Check out this vid of some behind the scenes footage.  I can’t be the only person who thinks there is some flirting between Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa.  Enjoy!

Episode 13 – This is an episode that shares one of my favorite scenes and the one scene that I really wish they would have not made.  The thing is here in America, “Fly me to the Moon” is a classic.   We have heard it from Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.  It was painful for me to watch them murder the classic.  But there were also great moments,  I especially loved the “test” he gave her after joining the fan club.

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You’re Beautiful Episode 11 plus grocery store clip, no eng sub

27 05 2010

Episode 11 – Just two comments on this episode… Love how Tae Kyung picks up his jacket after unsticking Go Mi Nam’s fingers, very stylish.  I also loved to see Shin Woo stepping it up – about time he really went after the girl he wants.

Previously I had a  clip from the super market scene that was not in the U.S. version I saw.  Sorry it is no longer available… I hate that we can’t always tell if it has been modified/edited from the original… what’s up with that??

I found a version of the grocery store scene, but no eng sub

Please let me know if you find the clip or if you find a dead link on my site.  Thank you!!

You’re Beautiful Episode 10 plus info for T.O.P & Kim Hyun Joong video

26 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 10 – Things are really starting to heat up.  The one comment I really want to make, is I love male bravado done right and Jang Geun Suk really turns in a great performance, he keeps getting stronger as the series goes on and we see the deeper layers of TaeKyung.

Here’s a fun vid on Park Shin Hye… enjoy!

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I currently have a video of T.O.P. and Kim Hyun Joong,

.  They are both really great in it, but when T.O.P. starts rapping, he just blows everything else away.  By the way, they are both contenders for the Sexiest Actor in the poll as well.  Please vote at