You’re Beautiful – Episode 15 & 16

31 05 2010

Episode 15 & 16 –

Basically the last two episodes were fairly formulaic – 15 wraps it up and 16 closes it out.

Praises –

  1. Overall a great series
  2. Well paced, well-balanced
  3. Excellent casting and all gave great performances
  4. Great scenes expressing the feelings of falling in love.

Criticisms –

  1. The Shin Woo relationship never really got off the ground for me, I was never totally pulling for him, because there just wasn’t any tension there.  Although we know he is a good guy, he didn’t give any sustained pressure.
  2. They should have done more with Shin Woo and Tae Kyung, some rivalry and more jealousy.  That was underused in this series, but would have been fun to see.
  3. The Fly Me to the Moon song
  4. They didn’t end it with a kiss.  Buzzkill.

…. If I knew in advance I would have liked it so well, I would have savored it more.

You’re Beautiful Episode 7

25 05 2010

You’re Beautiful continued…

Episode 7 –

UEE from After School (Korean girl group) plays Yoo He Yi.  Quite a talented cast!  With the exception of the two leads (who actually both sing on the soundtrack) the rest of the main cast are all musicians in their own right.  I can’t resist calling them “Slashies” (see Zoolander).

Here is  behind the scenes footage of UEE’s kiss with Jang Geun Seuk.

Did you note that Jang Geun Seuk mentions she was more interested in Lee Hong Ki, though that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  If you aren’t familiar with Lee Hong Ki, in reality he is a lot more appealing than his character.  He is in an episode of Family Outing, very reserved in that episode, but I think he was not feeling his best, as they mentioned wisdom teeth.  Anyway, he has an amazing voice and those eyes…

So who is your favorite member?  Please let me know who and why with a comment…

You’re Beautiful Ep 1

24 05 2010

Episode 1 of You’re Beautiful –

Please remember, I am not doing a synopsis. If you want to know what happened many other sites/blogs will give you those details.  My blog really works more for someone who has watched the series or is in the process.   I really would rather discuss the episodes, add fun videos and to write and hopefully correspond with others on the details.

That being said… Great first episode, totally made me want more. I really like Jang Geun Seuk… though I’ve never seen him in anything else he definitely knows how to get my attention.  Love his voice – always a sucker for a deep voice, (ie. Lee Sun Gyun from coffee prince, I’ll take another cup o’ that).   I think Park Shin Hye was perfect as well, loved her soft little voice. Which has so much potential to be irritating or put on, but just never went there for me. The episode ends with the question, “Am I in Heaven?” and the answer is …waking up with those 3 guys – Yes! You are.