Lovers – K drama 2006

4 10 2010

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile.  I am currently watching Jumong, at ep 51 right now.

But to Lovers… hmmm, well….



My first impressions were not so good… I’m not into the super beefy build of lead male (Lee Seo Jin) and I wasn’t really attracted to Kim Jung Eun the female lead either.  The 2nd man on the show though is the Music exec from You’re Beautiful, Jung Chan.

I’m in ep 5 and though I wasn’t sure in the beginning and of course, I don’t know where this is headed, but this feels like it has a lot of potential.  I really liked how Mi Joo (Kim Jung Eun) already told Sae Young (Jung Chan) that she wouldn’t see him because she didn’t want to get involved between the two of them.  So far it has my attention.

I’m to ep 17 and unfortunately I am over the lead actress, her eyes bug me and geez could they be more watery.  She hardly actually cries, they just pool in her eyes.  Weird… just really weird, take for example Kim Kyu Ri as Park Yu Jin, she is beautiful – doesn’t have weird eyes and when she cries the tears actually fall naturally out of her eyes.  I actually really liked her in this series.  Speaking of like… the male lead (Lee Seo Jin) has actually grown on me and I didn’t think that was possible.  But overall this late in the series, I am wishing it was 16 episodes or maybe 12 considering the parts that I cared about or was interested in could have been wrapped up in 12 episodes.

Okay, so I finished the series, I think the last ep was a blur, I just wasn’t interested anymore, I didn’t even care if they got together.  Totally wishing that Kang Jae would go back to Yu Jin, atleast she is pretty when she cries.

Grade C-

Gossip – So the two leads, Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun dated after the filming for approx 2 yrs.  This is just from var sources and rumors, so not official, but here goes what I heard.  Basically Lee Seo Jin called her out of the blue one day and broke up with her.  Then Kim Jung Eun got on some talk show and said that it was like taking a bullet, she didn’t see it coming at all and was really upset.  Lee Seo Jin went to China or somewhere for several months and then came back.   Rumors that he broke up with her because his mother didn’t approve, but who knows.  Seems like the sentiment is that many Koreans are upset with Lee Seo Jin, but frankly I’m glad he is moving on.  Pretty crying is essential for a long term relationship. Ha!