Family Outing Review

7 06 2010

Family Outing

I highly recommend watching this show.  I have had some trouble finding it, but it is out there and worth the trouble.  I don’t have any fun links to it because it seems SBS pulls everything off youtube or anywhere else for that matter…

The premise is the “family” goes to someone’s house.  The home owners leave and go on vacation and the “family” lives there and does their chore list they leave behind.

The core family includes Lee Hyori, DaeSung  (Big Bang) and several other people who are famous or famous MC’s which if you watch any of the variety shows you get to know the MC’s as well.

They bring in a celebrity guest each week, some of the stars have been Rain, Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), TOP (Big Bang), G Dragon (Big Bang), Cha Seung Won (City Hall).  When I first started watching KTV I didn’t know that many celebrities, but as I know more, I than watch their Family Outing episode, recently watched G Dragon and TOP, both were hilarious.  The first time I watched the Kim Hyun Joong’s episode I didn’t even realize who Seung Ri of Big Bang was, so now that I know who he is it is even funnier.

There isn’t really anything like this on American Television and this is a concept they should steal, because the results are hilarious.  They don’t edit the really stupid oops moments of the stars and so you can expect to see anything.  I think it is good for the celebrities too because it is so refreshing to see them without the Hollywood gloss American’s put on everything.

And speaking of funny stuff… here’s the link for Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum leg wrestling…