I Saw the Devil – K movie 2010

10 12 2012

I Saw the Devil was a violent thrill ride.  I_Saw_The_Devil_previewA serious revenge film not for the faint of heart and not recommended for a younger audience.  This movie is what I expected Chaser to be.  I loved Chaser, but it was – not sure this is the right word, but slow.  I Saw the Devil is like a roller coaster.  It makes that slow, pit of your stomach climb and then speeds through to the end.  Relentless and seriously sick, one scene in particular will keep me from watching this ever again, but Lee Byung Hun, of Iris, was amazing and Choi Min Sik, legend of films like OldBoy and Lady Vengence, was so authentic, he would scare me to meet in person.  I was going to add a trailer, but I think they all give too much away, so if you decide to watch it, do it without any trailers first.



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