Bad Guy – Kdrama 2010

10 12 2012

Oh Bad Guy, I love you so much… I need to preface this entry by stating, I just finished QSD and then immediately moved on to Bad Guy…. why… for those of you who already watched QSD I’m sure it will be no surprise, that I wanted a little more Kim Nam Gil.  Kim Nam Gil, Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways….. far, far too many.

So this is a revenge series and wow…. I love revenge!!  The set up was brilliant, I could hardly wait to get to the next episode.  But then it happened…. KNG was called up for his military service and yes, he left mid series to serve.  So they cut the series short and hobbled together an ending.  How can they finish a series without the lead actor?  The truth is they really couldn’t.  So I strongly recommend you watch this, especially if you are a revenge fan, but the ending was horrible and basically you will always wonder what it could’ve been…

For those Kim Nam Gil fans, omg… I love his many different hair styles in this this series, so ridiculous.  He just got out of his service and it slated to make a movie.  I am waiting with baited breath.



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