City Hunter – 2011

23 05 2012


This was a really different drama than I expected.  I either thought it would be very action/super hero type or typical k-drama, but for me it was neither.  It had a solid storyline and I loved the action/fight scenes – particularly the ones with Lee Min Ho and his gorgeous legs.  But this series just wasn’t totally committed to being an action series.  I enjoyed the romantic elements with him and Park Min Young (from SungKyunKwan Scandal) though I think they lacked the sizzling chemistry of my favorite dramas, they were certainly cute and at times they were better than others.  Their relationship didn’t really move me though, not completely.  I actually cried harder over the prosecutor and his ex-wife, which is really saying something because I didn’t like him at all in the beginning. 

I also thought the city hunter disguise was a little bit easy, like seriously you can’t all tell that it is him?  Sorta like Superman with his glasses on… really?  But despite minor things I could pick on and overall sizzle, it was an extremely interesting story and had lots of elements to keep me interested and was just solid for the most part.  Overall I would give this a high rating of 9 out of 10! 



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