Warrior’s way 2010 – American film starring Jang Dong Gun

4 12 2011

An American Korean hybrid film. Basically bombed at the box office and got terrible reviews, but I went into this film not knowing any of that and thoroughly enjoyed myself.   I seriously can’t believe audiences weren’t thrilled with this film.  Fun story, moved at a good pace and had lots of interesting actors.  It co-starred Kate Bosworth, who I love … especially her two different colored eyes.  The effects were awesome and though I’ve never seen Jang Dong Gun before, what is not to love.  Beyond sexy… could his hair look any better…

Whateva… Three big thumbs up, loved it.  Can’t wait to lust over Jang Dong Gun’s hair in the future.


Here’s a trailer of my very favorite scene in the movie… again could JDG’s hair look better…, please leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Thanks!



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