Jewel in the Palace – 2003

12 08 2011

I’m not really sure what made me start this.  I guess I just wanted to watch something that had a huge following and huge ratings.  This had both and after 54 episodes I can see why.  The cooking and medical stuff really interested me as well.  It gave me lots to think about and I wonder why medical professionals today don’t spend more time on the pulse.

This historical drama was just a really interesting story.  Touching and inspiring it had a ton of heart.  At times it reminded me of an American soap opera with all the eye movement and side way glances, but I loved every soapy minute.

Lee Young Ae stars as Jang Geum and she alone is worth watching.  I absolutely love her!  I knew her from the movie Lady Vengeance which is the third in the trilogy by director Park Chan-Wook.  This trilogy also includes Oldboy.  If you haven’t seen either of these films you are missing out.  Dark and violent, but they will leave an impact. 

This series is light on romance, but the romance it does have is really poignant.  Ji Jin Hee of Dong Yi, was excellent here and I loved seeing him outside of the Dong Yi role (couldn’t take him being a stupid sentimentalist anymore).

As an interesting side note, 3 of the actresses from Be Strong Geum Soon were in this.

Well, this is definitely worth watching and I would give it an 8 out of 10.  Good writing, good acting, and kept my interest over a long run.



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