Assorted Gems 2009

8 01 2011


Assorted Gems

I was reading over reviews for kdramas for the 2009 year and several had recommended Assorted Gems or Jewel Bibimbap.  I can honestly say that despite the positive reviews I was hesitant at best when I started this.  I didn’t think I would like a family drama with so many characters, it seemed a bit overwhelming at 50 episodes, and I didn’t recognize any of the actors.  But I jumped in despite myself.


30 episodes later, I have really enjoyed this drama.  It isn’t ground breaking, but it does have some unchartered territory for me.  Specifically using an American actor as one of the main supporting cast.  I can’t help but enjoy this money grubbing family.  That part is just hilarious.

50 episodes later, I am going to try my best to remain calm, but major spoiler alert forthcoming.

All of the actors are good looking and believable as a family.  The American Michael Blunck gets better as the series goes on, in the beginning though I cringed at all the eye closing when he spoke, but he relaxed into the role and one couldn’t help but like him.  I always laughed when he slipped into the southern California surfer voice.

Some of the story lines were left undeveloped and that is always so frustrating to me.  But equally frustrating is the storyline that won’t go away or wrap up.  Coral and his wife just sort of dropped off, Ruby’s ex-fiancée just wouldn’t go away.

By the end, I can say it was okay, but I am left frustrated… overall grade is a C-.

The good stuff

  1. Hong Yoo Jin as Lee Tae Ri, the mother of Yeong Guk (or Jade’s husband).  She moved me to tears on many occasions; she just went with it all the way.
  2. Choi Ah Jin as Seo Kkeut Soon or Jade’s husband’s little sister.  I didn’t like her in the beginning at all, but her emotional output through the scenes with her mother were so moving and her tears so heartfelt.
  3. The cute chemistry between Jade and Yeong Guk
  4. All of the parents and especially the Grandmas, they were hilarious.

The bad stuff

1.  Argh!! I was so frustrated that Ruby and Kyle never got together, really!  Beyond frustrated, even to the very end, I was waiting for Kyle to rush into their wedding and leave her fiancée once again at the altar.  For this huge disappointment the series deserves an F, not only that, but her fiancée was an idiot and the mother was a witch.  Ruby should have stuck to her guns and sent them packing, she was worth more than those two and the series didn’t do a good job of showing that she was ever really into him after the first round.

As an American, #1 was such a huge issue that I can’t even go on…. Argh!!!!! Frustrated!



One response

31 01 2011
Mike Martinez

You’re a tough grader! 🙂

“Korean Entertainment for Americans”

Love it! Lol.

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