SungKyunKwan Scandal 2010

28 12 2010

So I had high expectations of this drama and sometimes that can set you up to be disappointed even if it is a good drama. SungKyunkwan Scandal was a good series, cohesive fun and fairly fast moving. But I didn’t love it. It was okay, reminded me of vanilla soft serve ice cream. It was good, but it didn’t leave me wanting more.  Lee Sun Joon played by Park Yoo Chun or Micky Yoochun of DBSK/TVXQ or JYJ notoriety was the character I was most interested to see and probably in part why the hype was so big.  Anyway, that is a side note for those interested. Micky Yoochun was okay and improved throughout the series…  I liked how he loosened up at the very end of the series and we could see something shining through, so I would say he has lots of potential.  Special thanks to his facial hair/goatee thing in the end of the series, he looked cuter than he did in the whole of the series.  I do love JYJ too so I guess he gets a few biased points for that.  😉

Park Min Young was great, she is very cute and engaging. A certain sparkle to her reminded me of Jung So Min of Playful Kiss. They both have this light inside of the them that is captured really well on film.  Though not very believable as a boy, she was charming.

I love, love, loved Song Joong Ki as Gu Yong Ha.  This sounds so cheesy, but he was hot.  Love the little smile and cavalier attitude. He made it so fun throughout the series…  Everytime he came on screen I was happy.  Can’t wait to see him in future, hopefully as a leading man.

Last but not least was Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin. He really grew on me throughout the series and I wish they would have done more with the story between him and Cho Sun (who each posed as the red messenger).  But they didn’t really go there, which I think was a huge missed opportunity. Overall Moon Jae Shin could take a scene when he wanted to, so I think that bodes well for a good future.

Last, but definitely not least was the evil Jun Tae Soo who played the villian.  Whoa, he was totally cute, loved his evilness and to make him that much more amazing, I just found out that he is Ha Ji Won’s brother.  (Ha Ji Won of What Happened in Bali and Secret Garden)

What worked!

1. Lee Jae Yong as the Minister of War. I just saw him in Jumong, I absolutely love to hate this man. He is so evil…  My favorite villian!  My new favorite Villian Jun Tae Soo.

2. Song Joon Ki – ummm, more please

3.  The story moved at a good pace, only slow in a few places

*just a side note … SungKyun Kwan is an actual school in Korea with a long and prestigious history.

What didn’t work…

  1. My expectations were too high and basically left me feeling that this was a good series, but not a great series.
  2. In my opinion the writers missed many opportunities to really make this a great series with far more interesting story lines, but instead they would just walk away and take an easy route.
  3. The last few minutes of the whole series were probably the best most comfortable moments with the cast.  The end was the part I wanted more of…

Overall I would give this series a 7 out of 10, it sounds low, but it just could have been great, or greater.  But I do appreciate the introduction to Song Joon Ki and Yoo Ah In and once again really enjoyed Lee Jae Yong.  I also am looking forward to seeing Micky do something else.  I think he would be good as either a character less stuffy, more fun or more evil, but he did seem to have the ability to really gain an audience and I hope that will launch him into a bright future.

Good for a few rainy sick days, but won’t keep you up at night.

The link for my favorite JYJ Music Video found in my Music Vids & Info tab…



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28 12 2010

Omo, who wouldn’t love Song Joong Ki? He was awesome in this series and this helped catapult him to even more fame. He is cute and quirky and really helped make the series. Gu Yong Hwa was mysterious, mischievious, and at times serious. And Moon Jae Shin? Loved him! His character was typical in many ways and he never got to express his love and nothing was explored with Cho Sun, but that happens a lot in kdramas. Story lines and such are never fully developed or explored.

Yoochun at first was stony and a little bland, but I agree at the end he really started to shine and show potential. Park Min Young did an excellent job and had that leading lady spark that attracts and makes you want to watch more of her. Definitely will check out her other dramas.

Yes, I agree that the Minister of War is very good at playing men you love to hate. I still need to watch Jumong, but that is lower on my list of dramas to watch. What did you think of the Jang Hui? He was too evil for his own good with small bits of real emotion thrown in when it comes to Cho Sun?

19 06 2011

I understand why many dramas skip story lines or leave them undeveloped, but if it is a hit series you would think they could get the extra episodes needed to really make a great storyline, or a sequel. Up to now it seems that there aren’t many sequels. Like in America where shows come back season after season, I think some of these shows deserve another season. As always, love your comments. Thank you!

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