My Sweet Seoul – 2008

12 12 2010

My Sweet Seoul

This series is also known as My Sweet City.  I started this series because I was on some weird Lee Sun Gyun issue and wanted to see him in a lead romantic role.  He was awesome in Pasta but lacked some serious Romantic Leading man oomph – I was curious to try him in this series.  He was the romantic lead, but I hate to say it… still didn’t satisfy my leading man issue for him.

So this series was really different, at first I didn’t really like the lead actress, Choi Kang Hee.  She was in Thank You at the very beginning as the girlfriend that died and was amazing in that small role, so I knew she was a good actress, but the hair was distracting and she was just such a mess as a character.  She did grow on me and by the end of the series I could see what a great acting job she did despite not really ever liking or buying into the character Eun Soo.

Eun Soo’s young lover Tae Oh played by Ji Hyun Woo was a pleasant surprise.  He was probably the brightest spot in this series, he lit up the screen.  Though I wasn’t super into his looks (he’s cute, but don’t love the hair and he does some weird mouth thing) he won me over with some internal charm that showed through.  He was good throughout the series and as the audience I wanted him to find the love he deserved.  As a side note, he threw one heck of a kiss on Eun Soo (it made my best of kisses list..  Boys take note, that’s how you go in for the kiss…

Lee Sun Gyun, hmm, okay you know I am a fan, I just love his deep voice, I feel like I could drown in that voice, I’ve even come to like his looks which are offbeat and certainly wouldn’t be considered typically good looking, but I love his gummy smile and he’s just cute to me.  I love, love, loved him in Pasta and Coffee Prince and wanted to see him in another adult romantic lead role.  However, he was very cold in this series, though he was good with the character portrayal he never connected with me, I didn’t feel deeply for his character although the soliloquy on the train was moving.  He once again had no heat as a romantic lead, in fact this made him and Yoo Kyung in Pasta a hot couple.  Ugh!  I am disappointed, but will continue on with my crush…

Eun Soo had so much chemistry heat and love with Tae Oh, I totally felt for her… I personally am a bit old fashioned on May/Dec romances and in real life it is tough to be 7 yrs older than your man, so I get why she ran away from that relationship and why she liked Young Soo.  He was comfortable and easy perfect for a long term relationship.  I will protest that the show didn’t really prove to me that they were really right for each other, maybe a little in the end.  More that they were both older and were willing to be happy with easy rather than going for something more.  They should have made the Tae Oh/Eun Soo relationship not as good if they were going to make the Young Soo/Eun Soo relationship just warm and comfortable.

This wasn’t the most exciting series, but it had some good moments.  I would give it a B.  Above average, cohesive, but nothing to run to your DVR for.



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