Movie – Untold Scandal 2003

12 12 2010

This film stars Lee Mi Sook, Bae Yong Joon known from Winter Sonata (which I haven’t yet seen)  and Jeon Do Yeon.  This is the Korean version of the films Dangerous Liaisons, Cruel Intentions and Valmont.  The Koreans did a few different things in their version, mainly the relationship of brother-in-law between the main characters.  Definitely an adult film, obviously for anyone familiar with the other versions, it is about lust, revenge and love.  I liked the relationship between Jo Won and Lady Jung.  They had some really great acting and chemistry, but I didn’t feel the chemistry between Madam Jo and Jo Woon.  I enjoyed the Korean version, but it pales in comparison to D L, the powerhouse of John Malkovich and Glenn Close is just ridiculous.  Malkovich telling Michelle Pfeiffer that he won’t see her anymore just was so filled with emotion and pain.  I guess I would suggest anyone who enjoyed the Korean version of this but hasn’t seen Dangerous Liaisons to definitely check it out, but if you’ve already been tainted by the much stronger version of DL, I would probably skip this.




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