Saranghae or I Love You 2008

28 11 2010

Saranghae, I love youHo – Hummmm

So I watched this drama because it was available at my local library.  It was good, not great, nothing to write home about, but it wasn’t the worst drama I’ve seen that’s for sure.

Basically it told the story of three couples, two of which are pregnant out of wedlock and the third couple are married trying to have a baby but can’t.

The drama stars Ahn Jae Wook, Seo Ji Hye, Hwan Hee, Park Hye Young, Jo Mi Ryung and Gong Hyeong Jin.  Not much to say about any of the actors, they were all fine, but again, nothing to write home about.

I did like the further insight into relationships because they were told in a more modern way, and there was some funny happenings, but overall I’m glad it was only 16 episodes and it makes me wonder why this is available at the library but none of my top 10 or for that matter top 20 shows are available there.

Overall I would give this a C because it was just middle of the road…



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