Jumong or Chumong K drama 2006

23 10 2010

I am apparently stuck in 2006.  Just finished Jumong and already started Playful Kiss and Goong (which was also released in 2006).  But let’s stay on track…

Jumong is a sweeping historical drama and one for a fan of the genre not to be missed.

What was good!

1.  The lead actors and many of the supporting actors were excellent.

Song Il Guk(Kuk) who plays Jumong is awesome.  He did a nice job aging through the project.

Han Hye Jin, formerly of Be Strong Geum Soon, was wonderful as the female lead.

Song Ji Hyo, who plays Jumong’s wife was also very good, she is also in Goong so 2006 was a busy year for this girl.

2.  The sweeping historical story was interesting and frustrating and kept me yelling (in my head) at the characters.  I could have used some more Hae MoSu because his character drew you in and held you and basically he was (spoiler alert) blind and dead before I was ready for him to go.  His scenes with Lady Yuhwa were the most romantic of the series.  I also hated and loved Emperor Kumwa.  For those of you who have already seen this series you know what I mean.  I was so ticked at him for being a wuss and not just choosing to stand with Jumong.  I hated him for killing Lady YuhWa and letting Tae So get away with killing Hae MoSu.  Argh!!! But in the end I felt so much compassion for him and cried when he died.

What wasn’t as good…

1.  Won Ki Joon, or Prince YounPo.  I hate to say this because I did like him, but he should be in American soaps for sure.  He used that singular “something” smells bad expression so much I couldn’t help but laugh.  Totally reminded me of Joey in Friends when he talks about his method acting.  And truthfully I got bored of Tae So being somewhat one note as well.

2.  I don’t know if it is even fair to say this, but it is long… really, really long.  It felt like 4 seasons or chapters and really a viewer could stop at any one of those points and watch something lighter and then come back to it, but I didn’t know that and I think at some point around episode 50-60 it started feeling long.  There were definite times when it dragged or too much set up, but you always knew it was bringing you somewhere else.

3.  Biggest Complaint – No Romance!!! As I mentioned before the scenes between Hae Mo Su and Lady Yuhwa were as hot as it got and that wasn’t enough for me.  Especially when you consider the hot poster shot between JuMong and So Suh No which is part of what got me interested in the series.  But there wasn’t much chemistry really shown between them.  More in the beginning, but I would have liked to see them with some tension and chemistry.

Park Kyoung Hway played Bu Bun No, one of the soldiers who switches from Puro to Tamul Army and I swear he is Lee Seo Jin (the lead from Lovers) twin brother.  When he first appeared I had to look it up to find out if Lee Seo Jin was in this.  Does anyone else think they are secret twins?  or is it just me?

Overall this was a great series, I would highly recommend it to any historical drama lovers!  The story does suck you in and you spend so much time with the characters that you get really frustrated and emotionally moved by them.  I give this an A-, the minus because it can drag, some soap opera acting and not enough romance.

I know this is a short commentary for such a long series, but really there is no way to really tackle this series without just watching it, but I welcome any comments to open discussion on the series.



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9 12 2010

Watch Emperor of the Sea and Kingdom of the Winds, Emp has a little more romance, Kingdom has the same problem as Jumong. However, both have really good parts to compensate for the slow parts.

11 12 2010

Thank you for the suggestion, I haven’t even heard of Emperor of the Sea, I’ll check it out for sure!

16 04 2011

i am a big fun of soong ii gook , i lyk the skill he shows in the movies

29 04 2011

I’ve only seen him in Jumong, but he is smoking hot! What else has he been in that is good.

30 05 2011

I hear most of his Saeguk’s are good. I can definitely tell you to NOT watch his A Man Called God. Horrible script that is so cheesy and full of holes its not funny. I hear that his latest Crime Squad/Detectives in Trouble wasn’t nearly as appalling so it’s on my watch list.

14 06 2011

Awesome, I am so glad you told me that, I will not waste my time.

25 07 2011

I realy like how chumong act in all series.he’s best actor.

25 07 2011

In empiror of the seas i wanted goobok to be friend with chumong(yumoon).but their fate did’nt late them.

19 08 2011


24 08 2011

Wow, it is so cool to know people in Nigeria can see kdramas!!! Thanks for the comment.

3 11 2011
Moses modize kazimoto

Nice movies

3 11 2011
Moses modize kazimoto

Nice movies and i’m always interested in korean movies such as Chumong,Jumong,Emporer of the sea, The slave hunters etc i’m looking forward 4 getting other movies frm you thanx

17 03 2012

Thank you for reading my comments, love that you took the time to write. I love suggestions for future things to watch so please let me know what is on your top list! Thanks again.

5 11 2011
Emelda Bituro

Am from Tanzania I like the drama and the best actor Chumong an others like Sosunho, Taeso e.k

14 02 2012

I am from Nigeria. I like oh yi, Jumong and So seo no

17 03 2012

annyong haseyo!!

2 03 2012
van foweb

Who said a man called god was not good.dat film was great and i will recommend it for any one dat likes song il gook(jumong)

17 03 2012

Hi! I’ve never seen a man called god, so I guess I better put it on my list of must sees!! Thanks for the comment!

9 03 2012
Ino moses

I’m from tanzania,jumong its real amazing.big up jumong.

8 06 2012

Am a kenyan and we are in the 67th episode of chumong and i must confess its a mind blowing movie its aired on mon-fri 4rm 9.10p.m and me and ma dad cant miss it ma dad is inspired by chumong and alwz gives me a lecture on hw i shld nt only admire chumong bt also learn 4rm him thumbs up to all of u.

17 06 2012
Adegunle Rofiat

This film is so emotional, that i can never forget the message it pass for all. Good job keep it up.

17 06 2012
Adegunle Rofiat

This man called God is film that is so educating, i can wait to watch another one . All the cast really do great job i pray God will help u all.

22 06 2012
Paul mwangi

Your assesment is pretty spot on ! Thanks

22 06 2012
Paul mwangi

Ooops,forgot to say that am Kenyan

22 06 2012
Paul mwangi

Your assesment was really spot on ! Thanks

27 07 2012

i hate it when i remember So Seo No did not even bear any child for Jumong and did not end up being his wife forever after all she suffered because of him.

18 11 2012
daniel golden

4real i enjoyd so much,u ar more than acter but i woz so disappointed when muggol died

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