Personal Taste – Ep 12 – 16 & romantic clip

18 08 2010

Personal Taste – Continued…

Episode 12- 15.  Wow, after a slow episode or two 12 13 14, 15 really ramped everything up.  With the exception of episode 13, which did little to further the plot, but was choc full of little romantic moments.  Episode 13 is not to be missed, I would gladly have whipped cream on my nose (and I hate stuff on my nose) for a lean over the table like that.

I wasn’t sure if this was the right role for Lee Min Ho post Boys over Flowers, but I am really enjoying him.  The role is quiet, but I love him in a more mature role.  The relationship between Jin Ho and Gae In is finally feeling real and authentic.

Episode 16 – Okay, I love that this drama is more adult and went a little farther with the relationship and implied a more adult level of physical contact between Jin Ho and Gae In, but the actual scene seemed a little awkward.  They are kissing and then it switches to a view of them sitting across from each other and him taking her strap off her shoulder.  Just didn’t seem to flow.  Just leave it with the kiss or make it more natural.  I guess it is a split decision because I hate being frustrated when they show no physical relationship between the characters, but I would have preferred them to make it sweet or sexy, not awkward.

Okay- they redeemed themselves with the morning after scene.  Gorgeous scene with them sitting in front of the glass wall and enjoying coffee together.  The words, the feel, the quiet intimacy they have between each other is what I have most enjoyed in this series.

Unfortunately – from there it just feels like the writers took a checklist and wrapped up each story, it felt rushed.  I always want a series to end with a kiss, but actually I didn’t really feel that way here, I was satisfied that they were together and the world was good.

Lee Min Ho is just so good looking, he isn’t too pretty boy, too effeminate, too masculine, too beyond, there is something “obtainable” about his look that makes him even more appealing.  I can’t wait for his next project, I just want more.  He definitely has his own acting style, at times he can seem a bit wooden, but I think that will improve with time.  It will be interesting to watch and see what type of role he takes next, but I think this was a good choice.  It wasn’t a huge stretch from an everyday man and it wasn’t extremely different than Gu Jun Pyo, but different enough in a good way.  I especially liked that he felt older and seemed comfortable transitioning from a teen heartthrob to a man.

Loved the Gai In Weather Forecast, so cute, clever and well done.  I do have to leave a comment that there is an underlying message that you have to sleep with your boyfriend to keep him, but I guess we will overlook that because frankly, who wouldn’t sleep with Jin Ho/Lee Min Ho/Gu Jun Pyo?  Enough said.

Overall I liked the drama but didn’t love it.  I never felt so compelled to start the next episode that it bothered my sleeping pattern, but I enjoyed spending 16 hours with Lee Min Ho and the rest of the cast.  They were enjoyable.  Final score: 7 of 10.

I forgot to give props to Jung Sung Hwa as No Sang Joon, he was an absolute scene stealer.

Credit to Shane Huey for vid



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17 12 2010

I have to admit that some of my favorite scenes were where they became aware of each other physically and just didn’t know how to deal with it versus the actual love scene which didn’t feel like it fit quite in with the story well. But I guess the fact that she gives herself to Jin Ho really shows that Chang Ryul was just not the right man from the beginning (though I really did like him at the end where he tried to be better than her evil back-stabbing supposed best friend). But I also felt that scene betrayed Kae In’s beginning morals where she doesn’t believe you necessarily need a physical relationship. But then again, they had a comfortable (somewhat antagonistic) friendship that lead them to feel comfortable enough with going a step further.

I loved the characters of Sang Joon and Young Sun, they helped make the show and they really were scene stealers together. I also did like the Weather Forecasts. I had the same problem with the ending being far too rushed, but that seems to be a common trend in kdrama i.e. Prosecutor Princess, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, etc. I think that is one of the hazards of filming a drama while it is still airing, but oh well. Twas a good series, worth watching at least once. ^_^

When Lee Min Ho first took this role and I saw the first episode, I worried it would be BOF and Jin Pyo all over again. I am happy that was not the case and can’t wait to see even more of him in the future.

28 12 2010

Oh, thank you so much for your excellent comments! I totally agree with you. I loved Sang Joon and Young Sun, they really added so much to the overall enjoyment of the series. I agree it is definitely worth a watch especially if you are a Lee Min Ho fan. I haven’t heard what he has next, but I hate to admit I can’t wait. Recently I’ve been thinking about BOF and how seriously flawed that series was, but I was such an addict anyway.

28 12 2010

LOL, I think a lot of people realize just how flawed the series was, but still love it. I am a big fan of the manga and of the Japanese version, so while I enjoyed the Korean, I still wasn’t totally sold on the big deviations from the actual plot and must admit that parts of the series were too slow or too rushed or never developed like they really could have been.

This being the first major role for all of the main cast (with probably the exception of the lead actress), they did relatively decent jobs, but the series could have been much better with a little better acting and a modified (not so flawed) script.

I also can’t wait to see what Min Ho does next. He has proven his acting skills and I do enjoy watching him even if his drama isn’t necessarily the best.

29 12 2010

By the way, I love your site! I just started reading through some of your reviews and they were awesome!

2 01 2011

Thanks, I am liking yours as well

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