What’s Up Fox? 2006 K Drama starring Ko Hyun Jung & Chun Jung Myung

8 07 2010

This drama is also known as Hey Fox, What You Want To Do? or Foxy Lady.

Anyway, this is a drama I started quite some time ago.  I watched about half of the first episode and it just didn’t grab my attention.  I even went back to it later and finished the first episode but still nothing.  I just finished it after a marathon week and I really enjoyed it.  I would recommend this drama, but be prepared for a slow start.

Each character grew on me as the series progressed and I can only attribute this to some really great acting.  Even the side stories were interesting and I loved the relationship between Jun Hee (the sister) and her fashion President sponsor (they made me cry in the last episode – so good).  Son Hyeon-ju who plays the aforementioned President and sponsor was the secret highlight of this series.  I’ve looked for info on this actor and there isn’t much other than his list of credits and that he likes bowling (ha).  This is such a disadvantage for the American audience, we really don’t get much info except for what’s out there at large for the main actors.

Anyway I digress…  so without saying too much, the other cool thing about this series is that once you know what’s going on it makes it better, so about half way through, I re-watched the first few episodes and they were so much better knowing what was going on.  Bottom line I give this series a B+, really good and cohesive, didn’t have too many slow moments and wasn’t so detailed that you had to catch every frame.  Great acting and really drew the viewer into the characters lives.  I would complain more about the ending, but I’ve found that many of my favorite k dramas have ended with a sigh rather than an explosion.  Maybe it’s too cliche to have wrap up happy endings for every show.   Having recently watched Personal Taste, I hated how they went through like a checklist and tied all the loose endings, (Though I’ve heard that they weren’t sure if they were going to have 16 episodes or more, so maybe they were re-writing the last few episodes as they were deciding/filming… but the last ep was definitely choppy  – Frankly any series that was going to star Lee Min Ho immediately following BOF’s should have had license to do anything they wanted and they should have concentrated more on a really well written script and left it at that.  BTW, I can’t wait to see what he (Lee Min Ho) does next.   Anyway… What’s Up Fox? didn’t do that in fact many of the side stories didn’t wrap up at all and that was just fine with me.

Here is a fun summary clip… enjoy!



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