My Girl – Episodes 1-4 + funny scene clip

18 06 2010

Just started My Girl by the Hong Sisters… Good first episode, I’m interested.  What is up with the Hong Sisters always alluding to the romantic leads possibly being related.  They sniffed at that with You’re Beautiful.

Okay – I just finished episode 3 and I’m hooked.  I love the lead Lee Da Hae (Yoo Rin), she is so cute and funny.  She lights up the whole screen.  I cried at the Grandfather scene and then laughed out loud because he wasn’t dead.  The series is so charming.

This is the first series that I have pulled more for the 2nd man (Jung Woo).  I am totally loving Lee Joon Ki (Great hair, so sexy).  This is the first thing I’ve seen him in, but Time Between Dog and Wolf is on my list of must see.

I love the scene in Ep 4 when Gong Chan is lying to Yoo Rin and leans toward her.  Basically, I love anytime a guy leans out his hand over a girl, corners her with his arm and then leans into her (i.e. loved it in You’re Beautiful).

The scene at the end of episode 4 when Seo Hyun and Gong Chan are talking/reuniting, reminded me so much of the scene in My Lovely Sam Soon when Jin Heon gets back with Hee Jin…  I didn’t want Hee Jin back, despite her condition, I still didn’t want them together.  What made that storyline work so well in My Lovely Sam Soon was that it played out the Hee Jin relationship so naturally and was done in such a lovely way.  In comparison, for My Girl, I felt bad for Seo Hyun and didn’t really feel that much chemistry between Yoo Rin and Gong Chan yet.  Gong Chan clearly wasn’t over Seo Hyun, so I am glad that got back together… besides Gong Chan and Yoo Rin still might be cousins – right?  But I do think Lee Da Hae (Yoo Rin) gave a great performance in her last scene looking sad over seeing them together and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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