What Planet Are You From? – Ep 1-6

10 06 2010

What Planet are you From?

This series is also known as Which Star are you from? I started this series because of some excellent reviews, but I was hesitant because I did not like Jung Ryeo Won in Sam Soon.  The first 5 episodes of What Planet are you From were almost unbearable due mostly to Bok Shil’s terrible hair styles.  Seriously, who in their right mind would wear their hair that way.  Anyway, I just muddled through them because I did like the rest of the cast and especially Kim Rae Won and Park Shi Hoo.  Choi Seung Hee (Kim Rae Won) was moody and melancholy in such a good way and Park Shi Hoo as Han Jung Hoon was just great eye candy.  So I trudged through finally making it to Episode 6, the end of the stupid hair (I hope).  I’m just getting ready to begin episode 7 so here’s hoping, but the set-up is complete and I’m ready for the main course.



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