Personal Taste – Episode 5 & 6

10 06 2010

Episode 5 – Here are some of Jin Ho’s rules to make Gai In into a desirable woman

  1. Be 10 minutes late – makes men go crazy and gives her assurance he will wait for her.
  2. Light footsteps make for a sexy walk
  3. Attractive women can live on dewdrops, so eat lightly
  4. Have self-esteem, consider yourself precious to be treated precious.
  5. Eat and speak in a refined manner
  6. Men get more keyed up over an assertive woman than a submissive woman.

If you can think of any other “rules” please leave them in comments so I can add them.

Great episode loved the flashback on Gae In and Chang Ryul.  It was fun to see them as a couple and Chang Ryul was so cute.  The salon where they go to get Gae In’s hair done looks and probably is the same one where Geum Soon works in Be Strong Geum Soon.   The party – Wow, Lee Min Ho looked too handsome.  Ridiculous.  He has such good posture and he’s so tall.

Episode 6

Episode 6 – Though episode 6 was cute and you could feel them endearing themselves to each other and even had their first kiss scene; it felt slow to me.  The best scene was the breakup between In Hee and Chang Ryul.  Wow! I thought they gave great performances.  Wang Ji Hye (In Hee) did such realistic crying and Kim Ji Suk (Chang Ryul) softened and really got to show off his acting chops.  Unfortunately, as I have often heard happens for Korean male actors; at their prime or just after a hit song/show they are called to serve their 2 yr military stint.  Kim Ji Suk just left to serve – miss you, but can’t wait for you to return.

Kim Ji Suk off to serve



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