Personal Taste – Episode 3

9 06 2010

Episode 3  – Personal Taste continued…

The series was trudging along and then we get to episode 3, there were so many good and funny things in this episode.  Loved Gai In’s gift of doll furniture, something so sweet about it for Jin Ho.  This episode also had the oops I saw you naked.  Jin Ho is just getting out of the shower and Gai In pops in.  But the funniest part was her talking with Young Seon about his nakedness.  This episode also has him finding her just out of the shower, but she does have the benefit of a towel.  This was a cute scene, but could have had more chemistry.  I blame the filming more than the actors because it was just shot too far away and too jumpy.  The show closes with a hilarious scene of the two of them out eating bbq, so funny.  And the moaning with the leg rubs, but the best moment of the episode was the last line, maybe it’s just the subtitle that helps, but hilarious.

This vid of funny clips from episode 3 & 4… Enjoy!



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